World Wall Map

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage    Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

See in the list under no. 516 Map of the Earth - Ground Cover, The Earth (SE418). 30 - 50 - 100 pieces of school wall maps, depending on the distance to me, effort! 200 wall maps are offered, which are definitely available from the same publisher in different editions.

Measure plus 20cm for the bars on the left and right, total height measures 2. Measure plus 5cm for both bars together. Australia and Oceania Westermann 15.

Edition 1965 1: 6 000 000 if necessary also 12. Edition when I find my 9. A, weight 3.1kg 208x170. West Germany Haack-Painke 2nd edition 1974 1: 200 000 190.5x211.

Northern Germany Westermann 7th edition 1973 1: 500 000 with borders of 1937 239x155, metal rods, Braun above on the rod and in the Baltic Sea. Eastern Central Europe Peoples and States (Language Distribution) after the 1st World War Paul List Verlag Wentschow relief map 1: 1 000 000 163x232 especially German. Flashcard of Germany Hinrichs Justus Perthes Darmstadt approx. 1964 1: 600,000 borders 1937 208x161. Germany Haack-Painke Justus Perthes Darmstadt 1970 1: 1 000 000 borders 1937 129x97 div.

Migration and state building in the 4th-8th centuries. Europe in the 20th century Flemming Verlag Hamburg 6th edition min. 1958 4 times 1: 4 500 000 very smooth, in Turkey 1st card small tear 204.5x163. East and Southeast Asia Westermann 11th edition 1976 1: 4 000 000, also 10th edition possible if I found my 67er 183x195. Soviet Union Haack-Painke Justus Pertes Darmstadt 1: 3 500 000 3rd edition 1987, brand new condition 247x184.

Century IRO publishing house 6 times 1: 2,000,000, cracked 123x169. The world from 1783 to 1814 Westermann 1974, red bars, main card 1.18 000 000, secondary cards 18 / 7.5 / 18/9 million 202x134, new price approx. Europe between the two world wars Haack Gotha, still wooden sticks, 1: 3,000,000, 1965, somewhat battered, 80cm above center, map detached from the stick, 213x180. Contemporary history Europe 9x from WW1, 1: 2 250 000 otherwise 2x2.25 5.5 and 9mio, somewhat battered from Denmark 2nd card downwards 206x168. Four times Germany in the 20th Century Paul List Verlag 4th edition? 4 x 1: 500 000, newly attached to the staff without main heading 236x171. Africa from colonization to independence Westermann 1: 6 000 000 + 4x 1: 15 million 8th edition metal bar 207Bx187H. North Asia (USSR) Westermann 1: 4 000 000 9th edition 1969 5cm Ritz in Tientschan and point near Neusib. Western Asia and India Westermann 1: 4,000,000 5th edition 1965 194Bx155H. Europe in the 16th Century 1580 Westermann 1: 2 500 000. Central Europe, Westermann 1: 900 000, 1954, heading away, cracked, West Russia glued, 211Bx206cm. South polar region Justus Perthes Darmstadt 1: 6 000 000 200Bx180?????

Alliance systems of the world Westermann 1:25 000 000 130Bx210. The world in the 17th and 18th Century Westermann 1:18 000 000 200Bx130.

History of humanity Christian Jaeger Hanover 140Bx220. Africa JPD 6m 1980 5A. With headline slightly damaged 158Bx198H. Africa orbit wall map Westermann 6Mio 1971 Rhodesia with Zimbabue overpainted 158Bx168H. Africa from colonization to independence Westermann 6Mio 1970 7.

North America VEB Haack Gotha 6Mio 1954 lower bracket is missing, card battered in the middle, 159x146H. North America Westermann 6m 1973 18A.

South America JPD 6Mio 1976 1A 160x200H. South America Westermann 6Mio 1968 12A 148x179H. United States of America and the South Canada Westermann 3Mio 1965 5A.

Western hemisphere Westermann 12Mio 1960 13A. Asia Westermann 6m 1968 26A. Palestine Westermann 1: 250 000 1963 top condition side map Jerusalem at the time of Jesus 119x158H. Türkiye Dogal Haritasi Wenschow 1.5Mio plastic film instead of linen or paper, 1 rod from, 137x97H. Australia and Polynesia Diercke 6Mio 1955 8th edition, approx.

Germany Central Europe Westermann 1: 700,000 1974 210x218H, somewhat glued, metal bars, small damage over Kolberg. Germany Federal Republic of Germany and GDR JPD 450,000 1982, 3A, 189x218H top.

Germany Central Europe Westermann 700,000 1977 29A 205x222H. Germany and neighboring countries Westermann 700,000 1960 4th edition 202x189H. German low mountain range JPD 450,000 1956 somewhat cracked lower right approx.

Lower Saxony Westermann 200,000 1975 196x172H. Alps and Alpine countries Westermann 600,000 1973 2A. Apennine Peninsula (Italy) Westermann 900,000 1970 15A metal bars approx. Europa Westermann 3Mio 1953 204x157H. Europe Soil conditions Westermann 3Mio 1971 31A. Europe States Westermann 3Mio 1980 16A 196x180. Europe economy Westermann 3Mio 1978 196x183H. Iberian Peninsula (Spain) Westermann 900,000 1969 5A. Eastern Europe JPD 2Mio 1971 4A 200x210H. Eastern Central Europe JPD 750,000 1970 190x200H. Northern polar area Southern polar area Wenschow 2x10Mio water stain 172x121H. The states of the earth Westermann 18Mio 13A 202x122. British Isles Westermann 1: 600 000 9A. 1: 3,000,000 1973 254cm wide x 149cm high. The western continents Justus Perthes Gotha 1952 1:10 million 155x208H good copy. Central America and Northern South America Westermann 1977 245x154 7A 1: 3,000,000 NK states and traffic top.

USA and Central America Haack Gotha 1977 3.5m 205x160H heading slightly defective. Western half of the earth Eduard Gaebler Gerog Lang in front of Versailles as German colonial property before 18th edition 173x173 1:12 million tattered overpainted in Micronesia. Map on biblical geography Diercke Westermann 10A. 1967 very good copy 183x148 2 secondary cards. Middle East Haack Gotha 1: 2,000,000 print for JPD top 1984 227x180H.

Traffic map of the German Reich 1: 700000 Eduard Gaebler defective but completely 8A. Giant plate 1cm thick from the time. Southern Germany 1960 Diercke Westermann Limes 1: 250000 234x188H ok. The human flight development of flying Jensen Hamburg 199x185 cracked near heading 50s 60s. Soil shape of the earth Westermann 12A 1968 249x144 1: 15,000,000 top.

The climates of the earth Westermann 6A 1967 1:18 million 202x126 top. The landscape belt of the earth VEB Haack Gotha 1953 1: 20million 1000pcs. Pad 211x119 cracked and taped over.

Soil, vegetation VEB Haack Gotha linen 1975 204x138 1:15 million top. The economic use of the earth, Flemmings 1 to 15 million, slightly worse, 224x162cm. The age of discoveries, discoveries and journeys in the 15th and 16th centuries. 18 million The development of the Inca empire 12 million Mexico z: Z: the discovery 3 million, coastal discoveries in the Caribbean 9 million, discoveries in the South Seas in the 17th and 18th centuries, 18 million, Westermann, 204x130cm, top.

The Pacific-Atlantic region, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1966, 1st edition, 269x165 huge, great. The earth, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 7th edition 1977, almost very good, 24 million, 139x82cm. The countries of the world, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 2A 1964, glued, 138cmx82cm, otherwise good. Germany in the world, 15 million, Jensen, 234x161, glued something, very large.

Africa Asia, Störmer Verlag, North and South Vietnam, approx. Before 1975, rubberized, PVC, writable with writable pens, great, 158x187. Africa, Westermann, 8A 1965, top, 162x175. Africa, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 6M, 1980, 5A, ca. North America, JPD, upper left slightly def.

1963, 10Mio, 100x119, otherwise great. North America, Westermann, 6 million, 1957, 8A. North America, Wenschow relief map, 6 million, glued, thereby reaction red, crumpled. North America, harms, 5Mio, defective, after WWII, 188x210. South America, Westermann, 6Mio, 13A, 1969, somewhat glued.

South America, climate and vegetation, 4x9mio, Haack 1966, wood, 182x193high. Western hemisphere, Westermann, 1952, 12Mio, 10A, 165x171, very good, slightly damaged at the bottom left. Asia, Westermann, 6Mio, 206x222, 25A, very good. Picture card to the Old Testament, Becker, 1Mio and 300,000, with text, interesting. Map for Biblical Explore, Westermann, 2.5 million, 1951, 6. East and Southeast Asia, Westermann, 4Mio, 1971, 9A. Eastern hemisphere, Westermann, 1951, 8.

A, top left holes, 166x168. Soviet Union, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 3.5 million, 246x180, very good. Türkiye Dogal Haritasi, 1.5 million, secondary card 4.5 million, plastic, washable writable, not linen, wooden sticks, Wenschow, very good. Australia and Polynesia, front 5 million, Arctic Antarctica, back each 16 million, Störmer Verlag, PVC-rubber-writable-wipeable, not linen, 177x158height, top. North and south polar regions, Wenschow relief map, each 1 to 10 million, somewhat glued, 172x120 height.

The North Poles, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1st edition 1959, 1to 10mio, above left def. Federal Republic, tripartite Germany, economic focus, 1 to 500,000, Jensen Hamburg, 232x162cm height, somewhat glued. Germany, borders 1937, map from 1966, 2A JPD, ink entries in the Ruhrpott and map left 10cm solved, otherwise good, approx. Germany, borders of 1937 weakly entered, 1979, 6A.

JPD, scale 1 to 600,000 top, 213x163 height. Germany and neighboring countries, 2A, probably between 1955 and 1960, I did not write down, here with borders 1937 and 1919! Westermann, 1 to 700,000, glued. Amt Nieheim, Jensen Verlag, scale approx. 1to 83000, linen 173x142cm, places: Nieheim Oeynhausen Eversen Entrup Bredenborn Rolfzen Vinsebeck Bergheim Himmighausen Merlsheim Holzhausen Pömbsen Reelsen, top.

Brockmann's home map of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bielefeld, 1zu140,000, top, somewhat repaired in the center, 201x176cm height. The Ruhr area and the surrounding area, designed by Störmer, Verlag Budde, 1 to 50,000, red is the reaction of the subsequent Foil repairs, there are large companies, paper booths, etc. According to Legend entered, top, large topographic map, 194x160.

Home map Romerike Berge, corrugated, glued below by varnishing the bars, approx. 250x200, 1 to 25,000, top. North Rhine-Westphalia, Westermann, 12A 1963, 1zu150,000, very good, 193x177. NRW Sauerland-Bergisches Land-Siegerland, 1 to 200,000, 5 photos, 4 drawings, 3 maps, interesting, water stains on top, otherwise ok. NRW Weserland and Teutoburg Forest, Stockmann, 1 to 200,000, 4 photos, 4 drawings, 5 maps, interesting, slight water stains on top, otherwise ok. Waterway crossing at Minden etc. The travels of the Apostle Paul, Becker, small defect in the Carpathians, otherwise top, 215x165. British Isles, Westermann, 1zu600T, London, Paris, 1965, 7th edition, top, 187x224.

The Roman Empire, Westermann, 2.5 million,, side cards 5 million, Caesar Augustus 1.5 million Germania, 1966, 210cmx196cm height, top. Europe, Sattaten, Westermann, 1964, 8th edition, 197x181, 1 to 3,000,000, top.

Europe from 1815 to 1871, 3x 1 to 2.5 million, Westermann, 1969, 204x133 height, top. United States and central america, Haack 1979, all English, on linen, really worn out, very authentic, because really in school, tin bars 204x162cm, 3.5 million.

Asia, Haack, 1975, 6mio, 182x214cm, space Japan cut out, e. Just order with another card from me.. Federal Republic of Germany- economy, Westermann, 1991 500,000, 139x202cm, well preserved. Top, and interesting, 241x193cm high. British Isles, Haack, 1966, 148x176cm, 1to750,000, upper bar is missing, lower bar is wooden.

Early Christianity, Paul 2Mio travel, 4.5Mio spread, Palestine Bible Land 200T, JPD 2A 1976, top, 206x172. Europe, climate and vegetation, 4x6Mio, 245x180cm, metal bars, Haack 1974, whether at the bottom right wrinkled, linen.

Geology of Europe, from the physical wall atlas Justus Perthes Gotha, print approx. 1941, since Litzmannstadt, instead of Lodz, heading is missing, good. Italy, Haack, 1959, 750T, wood sticks, error: heading cracked, the Otler and Algeria paper somewhat loose, unglued card, 180x179cm. North Sea, 2x2mio, top right slightly compressed, 146x97cm height, Westermann, otherwise top. Mining and industrial areas of the world, Haack, 1967, 241x142cm, ok.

Vegetation of the earth, Justus Perthes Gotha approx. 1951, 1zu20Mio, top, eye-catcher, 212x135, both lines are tree lines, wooden bars. Gemeinde Ritterhude, made by Ritterhuder architect Hans Michaelis from land maps and partial development plans in 1962, water stained, obviously with colored entries, great, if I had a relation to Ritterhude, unsaleable, 175x85 measured without bars. The Holy Land, publisher Jensen Jeha, with NK Jerusalem, approx. 122x161cm, religious education, glued, but ok. Germany physically boots sales Wenschow relief map, paper elevator, no linen, status 1991, 99x135cm, top, 1 to 750,000. Germany, political division, boots sales Wenschow relief map, paper winding, no linen, status 1991, 98x135cm, top, 1 to 750,000. Germany, a kind of aerial view, bird's eye view, smallest cities are indicated, interesting, Mairs Geographic Publisher, is approx. Designed in 1989, 98x145cm, no scale distorted far into the horizon, but so 1 to 750,000 to see Scandinavia. The seaport, Bremen's ports "Keys to the world", publisher Jensen Jeha, 1 to 3000, without legend, cracked at the top, good, interesting, partly with street names, huge, 188 wide, 255cm high, plus bars!! Circle Osterholz, Orion card, 1 to 25,000, PVC-like film, 200x166cm, ok.

Lesum Ihlpohl Ritterhude school environment map, Geo-Institut Porta Westfalica 1zu4000, photo paper foiled, top, 192x121cm. Lower Saxony, Westermann, good copy, broken at the top, 1zu200,000, 200x173, 1966. Lower Saxony, Stiefel-Verlag, Wenschow-Reliefkarte, 1987, 1zu300.000, 140cmx105cm, lower stick completely detached, front, back, mute map. North German lowlands, Meer-Deiche-Moore-Geest, Stockmann, series Germany, the map has 1to1mio, interesting overview, 99x66cm, ok. France and the Benelux countries, Haack 1957, 1 to 750,000, all terms German, Irish Sea, Norman Islands etc.

The Earth Orbit World Map, Westermann, approx. 1974, 1to33mio, 120x83cm, top right approx. 40cm detached from the stick, wooden sticks, PVC, not linen, otherwise ok.

The countries of the world, Justus Perthes Darmstadt JPD, 1965, 3rd edition, 1to24mio, 139x84cm, water stained, middle WD, otherwise ok. Setup card, as far as ok 168x113cm plus wooden bars. Decimal dimensions and weights, Herold Bad Godesberg, 119x78cm, as far as ok wood. Jaeger, small paper tear at the circle time aquatic dinosaurs, sticky, top, for children as a learning aid until studying, 161x225cm. Development of a raised bog in Lower Saxony, from the Paleolithic, Middle Stone Age, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Historical Time, Present, 71x91cm, 1st edition 1980, State Ministry of Nutrition.

Latin source, Hubertus Verlag Recklinghausen, 100x145cm, PVC-like, so it can be written on, and wooden sticks, top. Latin initial script and printed script, reverse side simplified initial script and printed script, Hubertus Verlag Recklinghausen, 135x106cm, PVC-like writable with chalk, top. Overview map of hollow weights VS Overview map of length RS, Vitus / Lingen, for primary school 109x126, writable and washable.

Our earth in space, C. Numbers up to 500, learning aid for primary school or just at home. Numbers up to 100, hundreds table, Vogt Verlag, PVC, one-sided, writable with circles, 66x79cm, great.

Africa, Westermann, orbit wall map, Swedish map in German Version 1971, top, with metal bars, 1to6mio, 158x167cm. Defective above, side K15mio, HK 7.5mio, 152x134cm, ok. Central and South Africa, Westermann, 3Mio!! Metal bars, left edge creased, otherwise top, 210x173cm. Canada, Westermann, 3mio, 72,, metal bars, brown stains, secondary card 1to36mio, 204x190cm, otherwise great.

Central America and Northern South America, Westermann, 3mio, 1968, 4A. Side map 9 million states and traffic, 245x154, top. South America, orbit wall map, Westermann, Swedish first edition in German Version 1971, 6 million, above left somewhat dirty,, metal bars, 136x182cm, otherwise top.

Australia and Oceania, Westermann, 6Mio, 1965, 15A. Some foil stickers, otherwise top, 208x170cm. Germany, Westermann, 1zu700.000, 1964, 210x225, top. 1 to 600,000, borders from 1937, 244x194cm, top.

Industry and Traffic map des.... 1964, VISBrass Düsseldorf, 1zu50T, underneath right 40cm detached from the stick, paper, no linen, 207x160, every large industrial building included, Garzweiler etc. Very interesting, rich in detail. Lower Saxony and the East, picture card for the reunification of Germany, on behalf of the Lower Saxony State Office for Homeland Service, 1950s-1960s, 118x79cm.

Southern Germany, Westermann, 1zu250.000, 1958, 13A. Southwest Germany, Westermann, 1zu150.000, 1975, 7A. The Second World War, Westermann, 1959, main card 3.5 million, secondary card. 17.5mio, 21mio, 21mio, interesting and serious, 208x178cm, repaired with stickers. British Isles, Haack Gotha, 750T, 1977, upper rod broken, lower one kinked, metal rods, 148x174cm. Iberian Peninsula, Westermann, 1962, 2A. Cracked over the headline, flying dirt in the Mediterranean, hole just under the word 2nd edition, otherwise top, 174x165cm height. Flashcard of Europe, JPD, 1977, 3A. Top right 5cm out, otherwise ok. Mediterranean countries and the Middle East, Westermann, 2mio, 1968, top, 269x150cm.

Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg, Westermann, 1zu300,000, 1963, 4A. Northern Europe, Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, with Iceland, 1 to 1.2 million, 1974, 18A.

NK also 1.2 million, no stickers, top, 180x212cm. North Rhine-Westphalia and the East, ChJaeger 1950 or 1960s, 168x110cm, somewhat glued, ok.

Nordseeländer, Westermann, 1zu900.000, 1962, 15A. Ostseeländer, Westermann, 1 to 1.2 million, 1959, 8A. Small defects between Arendal and Oslo and south. Spain and Portugal, Haack Gotha, 1960, 1 to 750,000, heading is defective, linen ok, paper is gone, sticker JPD, ie produced for West Germany, 160x149cm, picture brilliant. Southeastern Europe, Haack Gotha, 1958, the paper 30cm loosened from the stick at the bottom left, otherwise great, 1zu750,000, 180x179cm.

North Pole States, JPD, 1to10Mio, 1959, 1A. Canvas looks bent, 144x112cm, interesting. Northern polar region, Haack Gotha, 1956, 6 million, without borders, with polar journeys, slight damage, Kaliningrad, Gdynia, Szczecin, Wroclaw retouched with Kö.

Southern Polar Region, JPD, 6Mio, 1973, 1A. The standard of living in the world, Westermann, 1zu25Mio, 1974, 5A. The Earth - physical, Westermann, 1zu15Mio, metal rods, no stickers, really good, 1973, 14A.

The States of the Earth, JPD, 1zu24Mio, 1973, 7A. Landscape Belt of the Earth, JPD, 1to12Million 1972, slightly creased, otherwise in excellent condition, 269x168cm. Vegetation areas of the earth, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1972, 8A. Metal bars, the lower rod is missing here, it is after the PVC rail, a little rolled up, as in the photo, it still looks good, 201x123, otherwise great. Weltarbeitskarte, Verlag Neuzeitliche Arbeitsmittel, 1zu18Mio, below left 15cm loosened, untreated wooden sticks, brownish around Neptune, foiled, probably writable with it, 193x134cm, ok.

Soil, vegetation, Haack-Gotha, 1 to 15 million, 1960, 240x138cm, still wood, good copy. Rheinisch-Westphalian industrial area, Westermann, 1 to 50,000, settlement above, mining below, 1971 136x206cm, top.

British Isles, Westermann, 1zu600,000, 1975, 12A. Metal rods, top, almost very good, if there was no small damage in Bristol Sound (Channel), 182x230cm.

Italy, Westermann, 1zu600,000, 1974, 2A. Secondary card Rome 10T, top, no linen, 194x208. Moscow, Westermann, 1zu40,000, 1976. 40T10T2T inner city, Kremlin, paper, no linen, 109x133cm, top. British Isles, Haack, 1968, 1zu750T, metal rods, linen, creased, cracked, otherwise ok.

British Isles, Haack, defective, rodent, also above left, 1987, 1 to 750T, metal rods, paper, no linen, 123x169cm. The emergence of the Roman Empire, Cataldi publishing house, 1 to 2.8 million, wooden sticks, manufactured before 1990, good copy, 158x108cm.

The Greek economy and culture in the 5th century B. Boots publisher, 1to750T, NK Athen5T, foiled cardboard, 158x109cm, good ex. Europe, slate cloth, rolling wall board, Lehrmittelverlag Leipzig, 1 to 3 million, can be written on with chalk and cleaned with a damp cloth, is fun!!!

France, StiefelWenschow, 1Mio, 3xNager, 1x of it in France, there was probably nobody on the wooden sticks, if someone cuts out the card, what to put and paint, maybe with your children, back silent map of the area, 100x137cm, no longer top. London, Haack, 1974, 1to10T, cracked, 40y.

Lower rod bent, metal bars, 157x106cm. Mediterranean countries, Haack, 2Mio, 1974, cracked, creased, metal bars, linen, water stains, 264x162cm. North and Baltic countries, G&W Wenschow, 1.8 million, after 1990, AV, RV mute map of the same area, 158x108cm. Roman Empire, Haack, 2.5 million, NK 5 million, 1976, paper, no linen, 2 holes, without heading, provisional square wood above, original metal rod below, 215x150cm. Earth, climates, Haack, 1 to 20 million, 1982, paper, no linen, metal bars, 183x105cm, great, brilliant colors.

The earth, physical, Haack, 1 to 15 million, 1980, creased, cracked, drawn without borders, bottom 33cm and top 10cm out, 240x133cm, intense picture. Die Welt, boot work card, 1 to 30 million, wooden sticks, paper-like, no linen, 136x95cm, very well preserved. Earth Tectonics, Haack, there is also a license and production by Haack for Westermann, less often, 1to15mio, 1988, metal bars, paper, 240x169cm, looks crooked, bars are probably not bent, if the card is hanging on the wall, it is probably better.

Earth's climate zones, G&W Wenschow, 1to25mio, AV Averse front, RV reverse reverse mute map of the area, lower half stick is gone, top left 35cm out, foiled cardboard, 157x107cm. South America land use, IRO, paper, water stains on the top right, map 907, 89x119cm, ok. Asia, JPD, 12.5million, 1965, 2A, Kulli lines at the scale and Sunda trench, is not noticeable, the not so obtrusive scale predominates easily, and still as detailed as the large maps, 95x107cm, top. Apennine Peninsula, Westermann, 1zu900T, 1964, 11A.

Africa, 1to 6mio, printed in Gotha / Thuringia in 1942, without borders, cracked at the top, 160x196cm. Afrika, 1zu 6Mio, printed in Darmstadt in 1971, with borders, top, wood, 158x202cm.

Africa Asia by Störmer PVC film printed on both sides, 1 to 6 million each, handwritten. Entry at Cologne Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven, 157x185cm. Africa-political / historical, Westermann, 6 million, side cards 1 to 15 million, 1972, metal bars, 7 edition, 206x186cm. The New World, printed in Gotha by Justus Perthes in 1942, with borders, some stickers, 1 to 10 million, 153x208cm.

Central America and Northern South America, Westermann, 1to3mio, printed in 1963, 2nd edition, top film, 245x155cm. North America, Westermann, 1 in 6 million, 1965, 13. Rift from Lower California, 156x172cm. North America, printed in Gotha in 1954 at the expropriated Perthes, glued, paper a bit off in the Pacific Ocean, 1to6mio, 159x146cm.

North America AV VS South America RV RS, Störmer-Verlag, double-sided, 1to 6mio, small damage above, PVC-like, no linen, 160x183cm. North America, climate and vegetation, Haack Gotha, 1zu12Mio 4x, 1981, top, 210x168cm.

South America, JPD, 1to6Mio, 1967 1A. South America, Gotha / Thuringia, 1954, 1to6mio, glued on top, 118x186cm. South America, Westermann / Braunschweig, 1962, 8A. USA industry, Haack 1970, with side cards, metal bars, 203x161cm. United States and Central America (OL15) JP Gotha 1943, 3.5 million, almost top, with borders, New York, without heading, 200x153cm. United States of America and the South Canada, 9A, 1973, Westermann, metal bars, top right 12cm out, otherwise top, 200x194cm. United States of America: economy, top, Velhagen and Klasing, 1zu3Mio, 231x160cm. Western hemisphere, Westermann, 1958, 12A. Westermann, 6 million, 1964, 23A. Asia orbit wall map, Westermann 1975, original is from Sweden 1973, metal bars, 6mio, 183x193cm.

The Empire of Alexander the Great, JPD, 1 to 2.5 million, approx. The Old Orient, Westermann, 1958, cards 9Mio 3x3Mio, 210x130cm. Eastern Continents, JPD, 10Mio, 1961, 3A. India and Indonesia, Gotha, 1955, 3 million, cracked at the top, glued at the bottom 2x, 194x211cm. Japan, printed by Denoyer-Geppert, USA for Westermann, main map 1.5 million, 1970, 109x156cm.

Old testament, card is defective!!!! Heading cut out, Jeha Jensen, ca1964, 170x117cm. North Asia (USSR), 1zu4Mio, Westermann, metal bars bent below, 1970, 10A. Eastern hemisphere, Westermann, 1953, 1to12mio, some missing parts, Antarctica stained, 165x159cm.

Russia's rise to great power, Flemmings Hamburg, 1to8mio, ca 60s, top, 254x189cm. People's Republic of China, 1963, still!!!

1zu3Mio, Haack made for JPD, top, probably made under GDR blue under Taiwan, 214x160cm. On the history of the ancient orient, haack 1985, metal bars, 1x rodent 12cm hole!!!

Federal Republic of Germany and GDR: Mining and Industry, JPD, 1zu450,000, top, 1981, 187x202cm. The Franconian Empire, JPD, reprint from the HH Great Historical Wall Atlas from Gotha, 1954, cracked but repaired at the top, top, 194x162cm. Germany, JPD, 1zu1Mio, 1966, in 1937er borders, 2A.

Somewhat water-stained, otherwise great, 127x98cm, not that big, practical. Germany-Political Outline Keyers Wall Atlas, still with countries in the SBZ, ca.

Germany and neighboring countries, Westermann, 7A. 1964, 1 to 700,000, in excellent condition, 201x189cm. Germany: Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR, JPD, 1zu450,000, huge, 1979, 2A. Up to 200 n ZW, Westermann, probably 1940s, 1to1million, spotty, NK 2.25million and 3million, 188x116cm. School wall map of Germany after 1648, Peace of Westphalia, Carl Flemming from Glogau in Silesia, probably still from the 30s, 1 to 800,000, damaged, repaired, Dr. Four times Germany in the 20th century, harms, 4A.

Migration after 1945, Stockmann-Verlag, 100x71cm. The Rhineland, Westermann, 1zu175,000, 1954, 3A. Lower Saxony country between Weser and Elbe, Stockmann-Verlag, map in 1zu285,000, pictures, 139x96cm. Lower Saxony North Sea coast and islands, Stockmann-Verlag, pictures, 139x96cm.

Niederweser, Jeha-Verlag, 1 to 60,000, approx. 1957, without headline, sticker, 188x170cm. Northwest Germany, JPD, 1960, untitled, 1zu450,000, 216x153cm.

Saarland, JPD, 1985, almost very good, 1 to 50,000, 1A. 1966, a little creased, otherwise good, 1zu150,000, 186x202cm. Switzerland, manufactured by Haack in Gotha for JPD, 1962, unfortunately the lower rod is off, the card itself is almost still OK, and the madness, cracked at the top when heading, I send a rod with, 1 to 185,000, 208x160cm. Southern Germany, Westermann, 1zu250.000, 1965, 19A. Southwest Germany, Westermann, 1zu150.000, 1965, 4A.

Alpenländer, Haack Gotha, 1zu450.000, 1962, impressive map, without borders, headline slightly def. Picture card: The travels of the Apostle Paul, Becker-Verlag, 216x167cm, very good, Bible customer. Formation and Decay of the Medieval Empire, Flemmings Hamunrg, 4x4.5Mio, 2A. Classic Greece, JPD, 1zu500.000, 3A, 1974, top, NK 1.5mio, 198x188cm. Headline, a little broken, 207x179cm. The Reformation, Becker-Hamburg, picture card, probably 60s, 207x165cm. The economic use of Europe, Flemmings-Hamburg, 1 to 3,000,000, 1954, sticker above, 207x158cm. Danube countries, GJP, so probably produced between 1945 and 1952, 1 to 750,000, Gerlsdorfer Spitze instead of Stalinspitze, Breslau Wroclaw both, map without borders, top, 261x159cm. Danube Region and Balkan Peninsula, Westermann, 1zu900.000, 1958, 7A. Europe, Westermann, produced before 1954, since free Trieste, 1to3mio, patina, 192x140cm. Blotchy, kinked, scribbled, 1to6mio, rare, large overview there incl. Europe 1917/18 to 1939, Haack Gotha, 1980, 3 million, paper no linen, metal bars, slightly defective at the top, 212x178cm. Europe soil conditions, Westermann, 1961, 21A, 3Mio, 196x180cm, some adhesive strips, authentic.

Europe in the 19th Century, Haack, 3Mio, NK 7Mio, 1956, glued somewhat damaged, reprint from the Haack-Herzberg large historical wall atlas, 190x158cm. Europe in the 20th century, foot train, 4.5 million 4x, ca50s, broken biscay, 208x173cm. Europe States, Westermann, 1zu3Mio, 1958, 3A.

Europe in the 20th century, footpath, only 2 of 4 cards from the original card, card 3 after WWI and card 4 after WWII, was cut off, 209x85cm, 1 stick. 1950s, 1 to 900,000, patina, foil sticker, without heading, 158x116cm. France and the Benelux, JPD, 2A. Geology of Europe, Gotha: Justus Perthes, Haack Physikalisches Wandatlas, Abt2 Land, this map was developed by Dr.

Edited purely in 1921, printed in 1941, released for publication by the GDR in 1951, Litzmannstadt retouched, this retouching is off again, back glued with auxiliary lines, def. Map part is ok again, top, 197x160cm.

Italy, Haack, 1966, 1to750,000, wooden sticks, smooth linen, really good, 180x179cm. Mediterranean countries, Westermann, 1976, 1to2mio. Moscow, Haack Gotha, schematic plan from 1978, everything in the plan in Russian, Cyrillic script, worn card, torn on the top left and right below, bent upper rod, metal rods, paper no linen, 156x156cm.

Northern Europe, Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, 1 to 1.2 million, 1974, top, without heading, NK also 1.2 million, raw wood, 180x201cm. Eastern Europe, JPD, glued below, paper ripped open, 1954, 195x210cm. Ostseeländer, Westermann, 1.2 million, 1962, 11A.

Pyrenees peninsula, Westermann, 1954, 9A. 1to900,000, somewhat glued, 177x167cm. A thousand years of occidental history, Flemmings-Hamburg, 9x5.5mio, 800 962 1250 1555 1648 1763 1815 1878 1919, ok, 193x162cm. From prehistoric times to the end of the migration, Stockmann-Verlag, history card 1 pasted on top, 137x95cm, unfortunately bad photo. Southern Polar Region, JPD, 1to6Mio, 1A. 1973, great part, top, 195x220cm. Soil shape of the earth, Westermann, 1zu18Mio. 1953, 214x113cm, heading half way, the decoration for your apartment. The Earth, JPD, 1to16Mio, 1982, 9A. The Earth, JPD, 1to24Mio, 1978, 8A. Really good, 1 entry around Mexico City, 138x84cm, not as big as the other 18Million 16Million 15Million 12Million... The Earth, climate zones, 1 to 20 million, 1982, metal bars, paper, no linen, 2 holes of which 1x in Australia, 1x Südl. Indic, faded, 182x106cm, no borders, hardly any cities. The States of the Earth, JPD, 1zu24Mio, 1975, 8A. 139x83cm, relatively small and super fine, top ex. The economy of the earth (I), Gotha, 1zu12Mio, possibly 1955, illegible because the legend is damaged below, glued by wood painting, 224x174cm, huge. The Economy of the Earth (II), Gotha, 1zu12Mio, 1955, slightly glued, trading goods, without heading, 217x164cm. Soil, vegetation, Haack, 1 to 15 million, 1971, metal bars, linen, slight bend in the metal rod, 204x138cm, otherwise great.

Climate of the Earth, JPD, 1953, 1 to 16 million, heading is missing, repaired, in the 30s the map was still called the Climate Map of the Earth, 212x137, top despite 2 glue points, heading North Polar Area and south. Physical map of the world, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, something rarer, 1 to 12 million!!! Made in 1987, 4th edition, top left are 90cm detached from the wood, who does the job of restoring it divided the top stick into its two half-halves , they are combined with nails, then the torn out part is inserted and the rods are brought back together properly, also needs the space to hang the card!!!

269x169cm, no stickers that would spoil the card a little. Vegetation of the earth, from Gotha, whether before or after 1945, is not evident from the Haack Physical Wall Atlas, according to Perthes catalog 1935 in preparation, but can also be a remnant or reprint from the first 50s, 2-3 stickers, for example the tree line is great, 203x124cm. Vegetation areas of the world, Westermann, 1to18m. World map, Flemmings-Hamburg, without borders, produced in 1946, many German Maps of this time have no borders, because the cartographers did not want to print anything wrong, not even Germany but Central Europe, the maps were often called, lower stick completely solved, also other damages, 122x88cm. Nuclear nuclear creators and nuclear power plants, Klett or Dr.

The interior of the earth, Verlag f neuzeitl. Working tools, 60s, water stains, 80x116cm.

The English Vowels, Turm-Verlag, 119x79cm. The Great Climate Zones, Verlag f neuzeitl. Plants completely protected in Germany, Reichsstelle für Naturschutz in Berlin 30s, 133x101cm, somewhat damaged, great. The water supply, Tellus-Verlag, the water in nature, 118x82cm. Water storage, tellus-Verlag, defect in the reservoir, 117x81cm. Third element: Luftfekeit-Regen, Verlag f neuzeitl. Native songbirds, Graser / Eßlingen, plate no. Development of life, Jaeger-Hanover, 60s, top card, I have already discussed it with 5-year-olds, also hangs in the Natural History Museum in Berlin 161x225cm. Development of a raised bog in Lower Saxony, Ministry of Food Agriculture, 71x91cm. First element of the weather: Temperatur, Verlag f neuzeitl.

History of mankind, Jaeger-Verlag Hannover, top copy, 159x212cm. History of humanity, part 2, Jaeger-Verlag, 172x216cm. Gothic style 2, Westermann style table, approx. Lively civics T2, Hagemann, 116x81cm, somewhat defective. Lively citizenship T7, Hagemann, 117x82cm.

Lively Citizenship T9, Hagemann, 116x82cm. Natural atom decay, Velcro, 1955, 84x115cm. Latest story T1: The Empire The Weimar Republic, some paper from above, 116x83cm. This is how paper is made, 118x80cm.

Historical frieze T1, 3000 BC - 711 AD, 120x82cm. Sensation and guidance by the nervous system, Hagemann, upper rod completely, 168x114cm.

Our weather, Westermann, 1971, 211x172cm. Changes in the earth's surface due to external forces, Verlag f neuzeitl.

Numbers up to 500, Albogast / Otterbach Rörake, 178x39cm. Second element of the weather: The air pressure, publishing house for modern times. Norwegian fjord landscape, Westermann picture cards, 72x52cm.

East and Southeast Asia, Westermann, 6A. 1967, Sakhalin completely on it, approx. The Empire of Charlemagne, 768-814, Westermann, 1zu2Mio, 3 secondary cards 6/2/2 Mio, without headline, 205x124cm. Agarics and other species, people and knowledge 1982, 64x93cm, metal bars. Birth process, German hygiene inst.

Dresden, 1 semicircular rod is missing, 82x115cm. Earthworm, people and knowledge, wooden sticks, 80x114cm. Rose family (sweet cherry), people and knowledge, upper stick gone!!!

Weather observation table, PGH Leipzig, Schifertuch roller chart, blue linen on the back, heavy approx. Asia - political / historical, Westermann 1972, 3A, main map 9 million, all NK 15 million, metal bars, 209x192cm. The Holy Land, Jensen Jeha, NK Jerusalem, Bible map, small mistake above, 122x165cm. The Soviet Union of the Present, Velhagen & Klasing 1961, 1zu5Mio, 194x133cm.

Israel and its Arab neighbors, JPD, 1zu1Mio, top, 2A088, 194x134cm. The career of the German people, produced until 1945, Gotha Justus Perthes, 1 to 1.5 million, glued, physical wall atlas, 233x165cm.

Bavaria, Wenschow relief map, 1 or 2nd edition, without heading, damage to Ingolstadt and Pilsen etc. Nevertheless crazy detailed in the scale 1to200T, 220x197cm.

East Germany, Flemmings Hamburg, 1zu450T, above a bit defective when heading, 170x165cm. Southern Germany, Wenschow, with foiling, thus reflecting the flash light, but also writable with the right pen, top, not smooth, 234x159cm.

Apennine peninsula, Westermann, 14A, 1968, top condition, 154x185cm. Denmark, Westermann, 1 to 300,000, crazy big, 1964, NK Greenland 3M, Fäerör 2M, North Atlantic 9M, 210x189cm, top 1 amplifier, top. The Roman Empire, Westermann, 1 to 2.5 million, 1968, 1 hole under R, otherwise top, 210x197cm. The upheaval of Europe in the 20th century, harms 2A.

4x4.25 million, the death crosses alone are impressive and very thought-provoking, deaths according to statistics in 1964, today one alone counts 5 million dead German Wehrmacht members, more than 20cm above, ca238x176cm. The mission of Europe, Becker, top, 196x164cm.

The Unification of Europe, ca. 1992, Westermann, 4x6.5mio, 138x194cm. Europe, relief map, Knoll Vlotho, top, molded soft plastic, so that all mountains are shown exaggerated, 1 to 3 million, all geographic terms in German, 214x153cm.

Europe in the 14th century, Westermann, 1 to 1.75 million, NK3M, ok, 1962, 203x132cm. Fully ok, 1to3.800.000, 1982, 145x134cm. Geological map of Central Europe, Westermann, 1975, 1 to 900,000, top condition, 202x176cm. Italy, Westermann, 1 to 600,000, 1968, top condition, 194x208cm.

Ostsiedlung-Kreuzzüge-Hanse, BeckerHamburg, 1to2mio, top condition, 206x167cm. Southeastern Europe, Haack for JPD, 1962, 2A.

In the Ionian Sea on a white spot 1x sticker, otherwise great, 1 to 750,000, 180x180cm. Alliance systems of the world, Westermann, 3x1zu25Mio, top, 1976, approx. The world in the 19th Century, Velagen & Klasing, 1961, 2x 1to21.5mio, from Putzger page 108/109, top, 137x187cm. World deposits of coal, iron, oil, gold and uranium, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1961, 4A. Structure of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hagemann, broken out at the top right, clip for the photo, 117x77cm.

Our earth in space, Jaeger, without heading, ok, 179x169cm. Female genital organs, people and knowledge, metal bars, 1988, 80x112cm. Rhenish-Westphalian industrial area, Flemmings, 50,000, top condition, 219x160cm. Formation of Modern States, Flemmings, 4x4.5Mio, approx. General map of the Greater German Empire, mounted on cardboard, no stabs, water stains, torn, holed, stained, tactical entries with pencil from the period up to April possibly May 1945, including Kessel Breslau, Seelower Höhen, Halbe, Stettin, Hamburg, i.

Specific front lines and positions, no Nazi symbolism, map production itself approx. Central Europe, Wenschow relief map, good, creased, glued, 4th edition, 190x176cm, 1 to 750,000. German Democratic Republic, 1zu350,000, Haack-Gotha 1985, 10 holes!!! 122x169cm, otherwise smooth and not badly damaged otherwise. Central Europe, 1 to 900,000, Westermann, top, 1x pencil line in the Baltic Sea, without foil without sticker, 1969, 210x226cm. Industry and traffic map of the Rhine-Westphalia industrial area, VIS Brass Düsseldorf, top in detail all large companies with 200 employees or more, approx. Berlin General City Map, Mairs, 1 to 30,000, something out of the aluminum stick above, 135x95cm, out of date, historical.

District map Steglitz, Höpfel / Sypet, 1zu4000, 183x204cm. Black city map Berlin, 1zu25000, top foil, otherwise top, 196x137cm, out of date, historical.

Black city map Gross-Berlin, 1zu25000, out of date, historical, defects, 199x138cm. Administrative district of Steglitz, by Höpfel Berlin, 1zu5000, 155x164cm.

Europa, harms, List, 1zu2.8Mio, without heading, probably after 1953, glued, 208x174cm. Middle and Eastern Europe after the 30th year. Wars, Westermann, without headline, main card 1 to 1 million, NK 3.5 million, sticker, 195x123cm.

Mediterranean countries and Middle East, Westermann, 1 to 2 million, glued, nice motif, 270x148cm!! From the Roman Empire to the Carolingian Empire, Flemmings, 4x4.5mio, 2. A, although paper on the top is cracked, later almost everything is foiled, the lower rod is crooked, 204x156cm. Contemporary history, Flemmings, 2.25 million to 9 million, from WW1, after 1957, stickers, otherwise top, 207x168cm.

Middle East, Haack for JPD, top, approx. Middle East and India, Westermann, 4Mio, 1961, without heading, wavy, glued, 194x145cm. Germany, harms, cunning, 1zu700T, probably 50s, 186x199cm, plenty of patina. NK 3Mio, crazy big card, some paper loose at Lübben, 246x166!! Germany, mining and industry, harms list, 1zu900T, 1st edition, sticker, 153x115cm.

Germany-political overview, Westermann, 1973, 2nd edition, top, 200x189cm. Endangered environment, Hagemann, 1972, top condition, 160x106cm. Large and small forms of the earth's surface T3 The Sea, Tellus-Verlag, lower bar completely loose, 118x81cm. Dutch polder landscape, made from original photographs by KLM, Der Neue Schulmann Stuttgart, Fricke-Stuttgart, 88x60cm. Mecklenburg Lake District, somewhat broken, approx.

Renaissance 1, Westermann style customer panel, cracked, approx. Romanesque, Westermann style table, somewhat defective, approx. Africa, Westermann, top condition, 1965, 8A. Africa, JPD, top condition, 1977, 5A.

Afrika-Wirtschaft, Westermann, 1 to 6.5 million, 1989, small sticker below the legend, rods are straight! South America, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 6million, 1982, 3A. Top, without sticker, 1 hole at Justus, 160x200cm. Asia, harms Paul List Verlag, 1zu6Mio, approx. 194 wide, and 217 high.

Asia, JPD, top preserved 1992, 6mio, 198 wide, 227cm high. South Asia, Wenschow / List, 1zu4Mio, 2A. Still with East Pakistan, slightly cracked when heading, 237cm x 166cm. Türkiye, Bakis Mehmet Ardos, 1 to 1.6 million, 1980, Turkish production? Cracked in the middle, approx.

109cm wide and 76cm high. Federal Republic of Germany, Velcro Perthes, 1997, 1zu650T, top left 30cm from the rod, RS mute, 112x155cm. Germany: Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR, JP Darmstadt, 1zu830T, 1986, 5A. Slightly cracked at the bottom, 99x120cm. Brandenburg-Prussia until 1807, JP Darmstadt, 1zu750T, 1961, 1A.

Southern Germany, JP Darmstadt, 1zu200T, 1973, 1A. Alpenländer, JP Darmstadt, 1zu450T, 1974, at Marseille sticker, otherwise top, 216x162cm. Mairs, just great, could be 80s or 90s, 215cm x 59cm, simply decorate the apartment, very detailed. Formation and decay of the medieval empire, Flemmings, 4x4.5Mio, approx. British Isles, harms Paul List, 1zu700T, all English!!!

Without heading, glued on top, creased, 175x200cm. Europe, Wenschow, 1to3mio, glued, somewhat cracked, 205x154cm. Europa 1871 to 1914, Haack 1978, metal bars, paper above left def.

Europe to the younger Stone Age, JP Darmstadt, 3mio, 1966, in excellent condition, 195x135cm. Northern Europe, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1to1mio, 1969, 1 sticker above, some in the Baltic Sea, crazy map, in the scale rare!!! 190cm wide and 224cm high! Economic area Europe, Westermann, after 1992, since no more Soviet Union, 1 to 3.25 million, 228x156cm.

The Pacific-Atlantic region, JP Darmstadt, 1zu12Mio, 1A? 1968, fully foiled, writable, almost top, 269x168cm. The Earth, JP Darmstadt, 1zu24Mio, 1979, 9A.

Dusty, stained in the Pacific and Atlantic and South Pole, otherwise ok, not as big as other world maps for me, but still great, fits anywhere, 139x84cm the pure canvas plus wooden sticks. Erdmond, Haack, metal bars, front in the word itself 1 hole, back, 1zu8Mio, 163x106cm.

Physical world map, JP Darmstadt, 1to12Mio!!! 1974, wood sticks, 1 defect in Canada, 1 defect when heading, 4 entries in the Pacific, good copy, whoever buys them should also have a PLACE, 269x169cm.

Africa: The New States after 1945, JPD, 7Mio, 1A. The States of Africa, JPD, 10Mio. The development of the United States in the 19th and 20th century, JPD, 2.5 million, 1A.

Flashcard of South America, JPD, 6Mio, 1A. North America, JPD, 6million, 1979, 3A. Therefore with chalk or so writable, 163x198cm, top.

8Mio, still with Stalingrad, cracked upper left, 158x116cm. Asia climate and vegetation, Haack license, for Westermann, almost top, wavy, 15 million, 219x160cm.

The Empire of Alexander the Great, JPD, 2.5 million, 1956, 1 Aufkl. Otherwise great, large edition, 218x119cm. The Empire of Alexander the Great, JPD, 2.75million, 1966, cracked, otherwise top, small edition, 199x109cm. The empire Aleexander of the Great Diadoch Empire, Velhagen & Klasing, 3mio, 1961/1967, NK5.8mio, 194x149cm. The Orient and the Middle East, Gotha production 1953, without headline, approx. 6 stickers in the indic, 3 above, otherwise good, 216x148cm.

The cultural empires of the ancient Near East, JPD, 2.75 million, 2A. The Soviet Union after 1939, JPD, 4.8 million, 1A. East Asia, Harms List, 2.5Mio, 3A.

Soviet Union administrative division, Wenschow, 4Mio, 1A. Almost top, 1 small Hole at the very bottom, 241x165cm. South Asia, Haack, heading def.

Left cracked, bottom right dirty, top colors, Haack for JPD, 183x192cm. South Asia, Wenschow, List, 4Mio, top, 231xca. Left and right right shortened, 187x199cm.

JPD, 1 hole Seeland DK, otherwise top, 195x209cm. 1972, JPD, Knick in DK, top, 195x207cm. Germany open area map, publisher Neuzeitl.

Work equipment, 1 to 500,000!!! Plastic work card, creased on the top left, 275x191cm, Attention: note size!! Central Europe after the First World War Weimar Republic, Velhagen and Klasing, 875T, 1961, cracked above heading, otherwise top, 194x143cm. German democratic industry, mining u. Industry, Haack Gotha, 1zu250T, 1963, 163x230cm.

Map of the district of Melle, 25T Verlag Hink, Hanover, before regional reform, cracked, missing parts, painted, bw, 103x88cm. Learning card from North Rhine-Westphalia, JPD, 150T, ca. 1964, all Braun on the left, entries, creased on the top right, 191x196cm.

Lower Saxony, Flemmings Hamburg, 1zu200T, small damages, 190x158cm. Northern Germany, Flemmings, 1zu600T, Aufkl. Northern Germany, JPD, 1zu450T, some stickers in the "water", hanging somehow warped, hanging on the wall looks a little better, 269x165cm. Austria-Eastern Alps, Freytag-Berendt, 1zu300T, 1963, bottom right 3 and left 1 sticker, with Steyr 1 sticker, 1 sticker with heading, 232x190cm. Schleswig-Holstein, Flemmings, 1zu150T, 3 large tears, at least at the bottom 3 stickers, 165x171cm.

British Isles, Haack Gotha, 750T, 1962, heading cracked, otherwise ok, 149x176cm. The Classical Greece, JPD, 1zu500T, 2A. The empire of Charlemagne (814) - collapse of the Carolingian Empire, Velhagen & Klasing, 1.6 million, 1966, top, 183x146cm. The Roman Empire, JPD, 2Mio, 1A.

The European Revolutions, Flemmings, 3Mio, 28 pictures, top, 187x194cm. The Hanseatic League, JPD, 1.2 million, 1A.

The Migration of Nations, JPD, 2Mio, 1967, 1 sticker strip above, approx. Europe, JPD, 3Mio, 1968, 5A. Otherwise great, 1 sticker white-Russia, 205x186cm.

Europe large area map, publisher Neuzeitl. Working tools, 2.5 million!!! Foiled, 40cm out at the bottom right, 1 SWE a hole, 270x180cm. Europe in the 8th century, Haack for JPD, 1 to 3 million, probably new edition, therefore not 1st edition by Perthes, top, 1963, 196x160cm. Europe in the 12th Century, Haack Gotha, 1956, 1 to 3 million, heading totally cracked, otherwise top, probably corresponds to the pre-war version of Perthes, 198x160cm. Europe in the 13th / 14th Century, Haack for JPD, 1963, 1 to 3 million, 4 small dents in the Atlantic, top, 197x160cm. Europe in the 16th century, Haack for JPD, 1963, top, 1to 3mio, 198x160cm. Europe in the 17th century, Haack for JPD, 1970, 1 to 3 million, top, 198x163cm. Europe in the 18th Century, Haack Gotha, 1zu3Mio, 1956, upper rod from above, everything defective, 198x160cm. Europe in the High Middle Ages (around 1000), Velhagen & Klasing, 1 to 2.5 million, 1967, 194x142cm. Europe in the XXth century, Flemmings, 4x4.5mio, sticker above, almost very good ex. Europe in the 20th century, foot railway, 4x4.5 million, before approx. 1954, without headline, slightly def. Europe in the Age of Absolutism (around 1740), Velhagen & Klasing, 2.5 million, 1965, top, painted in pencil in the Adriatic, 193x150cm. Europe in the age of Napoleon (1812), Velhagen & Klasing, 2.55m, def. Over heading, otherwise great, 192x150cm. Europe after the Vienna Congress in 1815, Velhagen & Klasing, 2.55million, 1961, top, 192x148cm. Europe before the First World War (1914), Velhagen & Klasing, 2.55million, 1961, top, 192x152cm. Europe at the time of the French Revolution and He Napoleonic Wars, Haack for JPD, 1zu3Mio, 1968, top, 198x163cm. Europe, geological survey, Haack Gotha, 1to3mio, approx. 1963 possible, wooden bars, 206x187cm. France and the Benelux countries, Haack for JPD, 750T, 1961, margins slightly def.

Gallia, JPD, 750T, ok, after 1953, 165x144cm. Graecia, JPD, probably 375T, without headline, 148x156cm. Ancient Greece, Westermann, 2x4Mio, 1959, 1 sticker, 210x192cm.

Italy and Southeast Europe, Wenschow, 1to1mio, without heading, glued, more than 11 stickers, 223x163cm. Central and Western Europe at the time of stauffer Italein around 10. Century, Velhagen & Klasing, 1.5 million, 206x155cm.

Eastern Central Europe, JPD, 750T, 1A? Spain and Portugal, Haack for JPD, top part, 1zu750T, 1966, 206x169cm. Southeast Europe, Flemmings, 1.7Mio, bar almost completely underneath, 137x95cm. Western Europe, Wenschow List, 1zu1Mio, 4A. Western Europe, JPD, 1to2Mio, 3A.

1967, sticker at Helgoland, almost top, 158x211cm. Northern polar area Southern polar area, Wenschow, each 10Mio, 3A. Earth's population, Wenschow List, 4x 1zu30Mio, at the time Soviet Union had 243MioEW. The building elements of the earth, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1965, NK 6Mio, top, 202x12cm, meant: water, volcanoes, folds result in the continent structures, coal panels, fillings, volcanic formations etc.

The Earth Orbit Wall Map (SE418), Westermann, 1971, 1zu20Mio, 195x121cm. The states of the world, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 11A. The world from 1789 - 1914, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1959, top, 202x133cm.

Reorganization of the world in the 20th Century, cunning, 1to20mio, half heading, wavy, sticker, 174x186cm. Physical map of the earth, Wenschow, 15Mio, without heading, without borders,, glued, cracked, ok, 214x138cm.

World history of modern times, Flemmings, 1 to 35 million, approx. 1955, from 1450 1650 1830 1914 1955, glued, without headline, 203x152cm.

World: Alliances of the Present and World Communism, JPD, 1zu16Mio, 1A. Flashcard of Asia, JPD, 1to6Mio, 1A. 1965, top, not foiled, 172x185cm.

Orient and Middle India, Haack Gotha for JPD, 3Mio, 1967, top, 216x157cm. Europe in the 16th Century, Westermann, 2.5 million, NK religious split 2.5 million, Russia 5 million, slightly def. Germany, JPD, 1zu1Mio, 1964, top right and miitel li defective etc. Political division, according to the border position from 1937, nice detailed illustration, 128x99cm. North Rhine-Westphalia through the ages, Jaeger-Verlag, 1zu450T, 6 plates, from Roman times Teutons to Ruhrkessel 1945, bottom right glued by repainting the stick, paper torn open when unrolled, ok, 145x183cm.

Germanic hike 200-600 nC Westermann, 1to3mio, very good, approx. Germany in the 19th century (W37), Flemmings, 1 to 800,000, heading cracked, glued, 194x158cm, top map content!! Federal Republic - Origin u. Structure (S53), Flemmings, 1zu1Mio, approx. 1969, 1x3mio, good, glued, 139x188cm.

Old Italy (G64), Westermann, 1zu900.000, 1974, Rome's path to domination, NK 1.5M before the Celtic invasion, NK4M fight between Rome and Carthage, NK 900T Early Rome, 207x128cm, probably top. Central Europe in the 16th century (C13) Westermann, 1965, 3A. 1.5 million, NK 750T, 199x135cm, top condition. German-speaking countries, Europe and the world, Steinberger boots, 35million 6million 1.7million, half sticks each mounted, no hook attached, 115x152cm, great. 1zu 1Mio, 2NK, a little more creased above,, 166x211cm.

Africa (67 turquoise) Wenschow, 6 million, probably before 1962, cracked zambezi tip and in front of Cape Horn, sticker, 160x153cm. South America (S98), harms, 5mio, glued, good, 182x214cm. The Biblical Lands (S34), Haack Gotha 1957, 2Mio, 300T, 125T, 8T, 80T, 450T, 217x159cm. Eurasia (SC162), Wenschow, 6million, creased, ok, 213x211cm.

Expelled from their homeland, Schropp's contemporary knowledge, 1 cross means 60,000 dead, 1 figure means 60,000 Germans who have arrived in western and central Germany or people who have moved to Soviet Russia, most of which are between 1945 and 1950... Our homeland - Our neighbors (DE7), regional center for homeland service, can be Hessian Bavarian etc. Be, still in the days of the Federal Ministry for Displaced Persons, ok, sticker, 1zu700T, approx.

Wall map on German history of the 17th century, Germany in the 17th century (HD5), Gaebler Verlag Lang in Leipzig, around 1900, 1to800T, without headline, totally cracked, 5x secondary cards each 5Mio, 4Mio, 8Mio, USA east coast New York etc. Baden-Württemberg Physical Overview (W75), Westermann, 1983, 250,000, 97x134cm.

German Democratic Republic (109 purple), Haack Gotha, 1962, 1 to 250,000, much minor damage, 165x230cm. Geology Southwest Germany (W72), harms, 1 to 200,000, top, 1 sticker top across, 151x176cm. Hamburg (HD71) Jensen publishing house, 1 to 20,000, almost top, 1 stripe 1 crack top right, 199x185cm. Hamburg (M14) inner city 129x156cm.

Hamburgs Werden (HD68) 1 to 25,000, with Allen incorporations with the year, NK 1 to 100T, top, 198x139cm. British Isles (HD60), harms, 1zu700T, not so good at the top, as cracked and stained, 173x217cm. Die Neue Zeit - Germany in the state of dissolution (W63), Stockmanns history card no. The States of Europe (HD174), Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1zu6Mio, 1972, 4A. Kept more detailed than the reunification cushions, stains below, left and right defective, 103x94cm.

The trains and empires of the Greater Germanic period (RU72), Gaebler Lang Leipzig, this publisher went bankrupt as early as 1930, 2.5 million, from Radig, 168x120cm + fabric!!! Europe (HD9), Haack Gotha, 1979, 1to3mio, cracked, missing parts, tin rods, 213x183cm. Krummsteller, who drew cards for Westermann in the 1930s and early 1940s, no date on the card, 1to3mio, 182x116cm. Europe at the time of the Hohenstaufen (NN247), Westermann, 2.5 million, 3x secondary cards, the empire of Friedrich 1st, crusader states, approx. France (OB8), Westermann, 1zu600.000, 6A 1967, several stickers among others near Paris and Lille, 207x196cm.

Central Europe (HD74), Flemming, printing in Bremen after 1945, license from Gotha: Justus Perthes, they were probably no longer allowed to print the map between 45-52, but it is your Germany map, see catalog 1935, black color below, small damage, 196x199. The history of the United States until 1783 (BW2) JPD 1A 1965, 1 sticker across and 1 sticker above in the middle to the upper lake, reinforced at the top right and left, top, 195x132 Indian tribes of the time entered!! South America politically historical (NN38) Westermann 1977, 6 million, 4 side cards of 12 million, 184x199cm. Australia: Wirtschaft (BW7) harms, 7.5 million, 1 edition, almost top, except 1 tear at WIRTSCHAFT, 139x97cm. Gaul, Germania and Britain in Roman times (BW6) JPD, 1zu1Mio, 1A 1969, North and Baltic Sea stickers, and further south again 9 transparent stickers, do not solve! But maybe Cut loose material with a cutter, 136x173cm. South America (BW1) Wenschow, 2 edition, 6 million, cracked at the top, Mato Grosso and Maranhao slightly defective, more detailed than most other manufacturers, also the 7.5 million variant of Wenschow is simple. German law (ME94) Lippa Verlag, series German East and Europe, slightly creased, 119x80cm. The Cistercians (NF34) Lippa Verlag, same series as 567. Germany 1789 and Europe to 1815 (S50) Westermann, 750T, 1953, NK 2.5M and 6M, glued etc. Germany (ED13) Flemming Hamburg under license from JPGotha, 1 to 750,000, huge defects, upside down for the photo!!! 198x206cm, for years the only 750 card that shows the east in detail after the war in German. Schwann School Wall Maps No3 Palstina at the time... (ED9) Schwann, Düsseldorf, defective, 199x118cm. United States (S78) JPD, 1A. 1965, 3.5 million, glued, 138x95cm.

Africa: Economy (NF38) harms, 7.5 million, 2 edition, 3 corners cracked, 97x136cm. Europe in the Napoleonic Age 1 (NF12) GJP, so produced before 1945, since the lower rod was repainted and rolled up immediately, it is glued, therefore only rolled out up to 128cm!

Stickers everywhere, still great, 1zu3Mio, 186x128 + Xcm. Economy of Europe (NF2) JPD, 1954, above a little broken when heading, otherwise good, 1to3mio, 212x158cm. Europa Wirtschaft (NF8) harms, probably 1950s, 2.5 million, 2. Creased, stained on top, no stickers, almost top, 219x164cm. Europe states population density economy (SB605) Jensen Hamburg, 2mio, a little cracked next to heading, 1 sticker above, 190x194cm, probably 50s.

Perthes Darmstadt 1970, 2nd edition, 1to 2.5mio, top condition, smaller Aufkl. At Winnipeg and to the right of it, then in Ontario and New Brunschwig, the largest US map I know, 94x134cm. Africa (W17), harms, 1to 5mio! Without headline, glued, 50s or 60s, 185x185cm.

Map of the Earth - ground cover, later title The Earth - Orbit Wall Map (SE418) GLA Sweden for Westermann, 1 to 20mio, approx. Africa (SB666) Wenschow, 7.5 million, cracked, sticker, 108x116cm. Industry (D8), Haack, metal bars, linen, slightly cracked at the top, otherwise ok, 6mio, 1968, 159x180cm. Africa, The Colonial Division until 1939 (NN7), JPD, 1969, approx. North Africa (SB313), Haack for JPD, 3mio, 1968, top apart from 45cm heading defective, and 5cm out at the top right, 1 sticker across, 279x170cm.

America North America South America (SB318) Jensen, 1 to 5 million each, secondary card USA 15 million, Titanic 12.4.1912 Columbus xxx1492, great, 242x147cm. Flashcard of North America (SB459), JPD, 6mio, 1 edition 1966, fly bar, 133x163cm. New York (FG44), Westermann, 1962, 1 to 40,000, wooden sticks, 109x136cm, top decoration for your apartment, your office.

North America orbit wall map (SL139), GLA Sweden for Westermann, 1973, 1to6mio, cracked above, sticker above, otherwise top, 140x172cm. North America: economy (NF40), harms, 7.5 million, new edition, top defect, 97x136cm.

South America: Northern part of Brazil and neighboring countries (SL88), Westermann, 1967, 1. Slightly cracked over the headline, foiled, writable, top, 182x199cm, detail photo not from this card. South America: southern part of La Plata Länder (SL60), Westermann, 1967, 1st edition, there was also a 2nd edition 1975, 1to 3Mio!!!

Cracked over the heading, otherwise great, can be written on with it, detailed photo of another card , Side map Antarctica 9Mio, 130x196cm. Southeast Asia, China and Japan (SL11) JPD, 3.5million, 1A. North Hong Kong, fly dirt, 196x228cm. The atmosphere of the earth 2 Heat transport through ocean currents (NU193) JPD, 1A 1963, top and edge compressions on the left, 1 to 30 million. Christianity in the world (NU4), Becker Hamburg probably 60s, almost top, 234x157cm.

Earth's population density (SB405) Westermann, 1967, 2. Equator, secondary map 45mio, 237x140cm. The Earth Political (14 Turquoise) Westermann, 1zu15Mio, 18. The countries of the world (SB1) JPD 1to16Mio, 1968, hole, broken on top, over 45cm, below 1 small defect, 198x126cm. 1983, ok, strong glued, 269x167cm.

The western half of the earth - Atlantic continents (TR) List, 2nd edition, 1 to 20mio, top, sticker North Atlantic and North Greenland, 210x166cm. Plant distribution and cultivation conditions on earth (SB781) Westermann 1 to 30 million, top condition, 124x90cm. Political structure of the earth (RU5) Flemming, 1to17mio, 50s, broken at the top, at 3.3 billion People, you get that out!

North America political-historical (NN30) Westermann, 6million 3x8million 2x12million, 1975, 5A. USA - Become a major power (W20) Flemming, 1 to 3.3 million, without heading, 165x199cm. Economy of the USA Economy of USA (OB40) JPD, 1 to 2.5 million, 1A. Asia groups of states economic focus population density (SB367) Jensen, 1to5mio, 50s-early 60s, slight damage above, otherwise good, 186x192cm.

Picture card of the Holy Land The Life of Jesus (HD121) Becker, glued below, therefore not fully rolled out, 120x161cm. The States of Asia (S41) JPD, 1 to 12.5 million 1965, 1A. Top, margins slightly bumped or creased, 93x109cm. Japan and Korea (BE1) JPD, 1A. 1982, 1 to 1 million, approx.

4 stickers and 2 cracks glued, 200x191cm. Political eastern hemisphere (SB104) Gaebler Lang Leipzig, approx.

1925, sticker, wavy, without headline, German East Africa etc. Soviet Union world power in Europe and Asia (NU58) harms, 2. 1to7.5mio, top 3 cracks in the middle, ok, 241x174cm.

Soviet Union: Economy (SB284) V&K, 1to4mio, 1 Aufkl. On the lower bar, slightly dirty at the bottom, small damage in the heading, good copy, 232x160cm. Federal Republic of Germany - physically (SL143) Westermann, 1993, 500,000, wavy by Aufkl. Federal Republic of Germany - political (ME76) Westermann, 1990, 500,000, no longer smooth, but ok, 137x201cm. The Third Reich National Socialism in Greater Germany (SB582) Becker, possibly smooth 1 to 1 million, wavy due to foiling, but therefore writable, 215x151cm.

Top, unfortunately blurry picture made, 222x185cm. Sticker above, slightly wavy, 195x207cm.

Germany since 1871: From unification to division (W29) Perthes JPD, 1 to 1.2 million, 1A. 1982, top, 1 typical Aufkl. Germany's development throughout its history (BE6) Biner, Aachen or Fusbahn, bridge, different scales, 9 maps from 925 to approx.

Tappe, defective, no stick at the bottom, can send one on request, please repair yourself. School wall map German Empire (SB581) Columbus, 1 to 800,000, approx. Printed in 1939, retouched for school service after the war to before 1938, concerns Protektorat, Alsace Lorraine, Sudetengebiet, Memelland, ohne Oder-Neisse line, cracked at the top, 201x183cm.

Wall map of German history from 1125 to 1273 Staufische Kaiser (SB193) Gaebler Lang Leipzig, The publisher with the claim to produce the best school wall maps in the world went bankrupt in 1935, restored, Aufkl. Without headline, 1zu1Mio, NK 2,5Mio, 160x194cm.

Wall map of German history from 911 to 1125 Saxon and Franconian emperors (SB655) Gaebler Lang Leipzig, produced before 1935, 6th edition, with the German Empire Kingdom of Italy and Burgundy, secondary map 1st crusade, 137x196cm. Industry in Lower Saxony Südl.

Part (SB622) Störmer, 1 to 75,000, wavy by Aufkl. Cracked, 2nd card glued on RS, 162x187cm. The estuary of the Ruhr Duisburg-Oberhausen-Mülheim (SB652) Bellemann, 1zu15,000, top, 140x182cm.

The Harz and its foreland (SB466) Störmer, 1 to 75,000, PVC, good, wrinkled at the top, 185x180. German homeland in the east (SB455) Westermann, 1to1m. 1952, many side cards, very detailed, 131x78.

German East Settlement (EM52) V&K, 1961, 1 to 900,000, wide sticker above, 138x190cm. Free State of Braunschweig (SB608) Westermann, probably 1930s, 1 to 100,000, without data, restored above, repainted, without heading, 179x136cm. Harzvorland (SB562) Störmer, 1zu75,000, 1957, the middle of the top of the plastic prints is bad, 162x186cm. Map of the Vestes Recklinghausen (SB407) Mildenberger, 1 to 25,000, paper, no linen, 196x158cm. District Recklinghausen (SB667) Lindenhof, 1 to 35,000, rubber card, top, 128x124cm. Flash card of Baden-Württemberg (SL142) Perthes JPD, 1963, 1. Flashcard of Lower Saxony and Bremen (RU75) Perthes JPD, 1964 1. Central and Eastern Germany (HD46) Wenschow, 1zu400,000, 3.

1955, side cards 3 million, a little creased, good, 242x170cm. Lower Saxony (SB443) Wenschow, 1zu250.000, 1 sticker above, cracked, 134x132cm. Lower Saxony The country on Mittelweser and Leine (SB795) Stockmann, 1zu285,000 and 4 photos, including Max and Moritz, 10cm broken on the top right, 139x96cm. North Rhine-Westphalia (SB141) Störmer, 1to150,000, film, writable, backside mute card, top, 169x172cm.

District of Osnabrück (ME62) Flemming, 1 to 80,000, secondary card 500,000, sticker above, 168x169cm. Suisse Switzerland Svizzera (F13) Kümmerly Eidgen.

Left slight damage, 1to200,000, 205x143cm. Columbus school wall map of the Balkan Peninsula (46 red) Columbus, 1 to 1 million, probably after WWII, 139x164cm. The Counter Reformation (S95) Becker, probably 60s, 204x164cm. The Germanic Migration (RU51) Flemming, 1 to 3 million, probably 50s, wavy, glued, without headline, 198x147cm.

Europe (NU112) Flemming, 1to3mio, probably 50s, without headline, sticker above and in the middle, paper in Ukraine solved, please stick, very detailed, not like many other producers, 206x153cm. Europe in the 10th century (OL49) Haack, 1957, 1 to 3 million, Haack-Hertzberg series, cracked at the top, otherwise top, 198x160cm. Europe in the 15th century (NU65) Westermann, 1968, 3. 1 to 2.5 million, minor map.

Rulers, small hole on the top left, almost top, 204x133cm. Europe in the time of the Ottonians and Salians (SB588) Westermann, 1.5 million, secondary cards 4.5 million and 1.5 million, 4th April, 1966, broken top, sticker, 204x134cm. Europe map of the floor cover (SL56) GLA Sweden for Westermann, 1969, 1to3. Mio, slightly cracked over heading, 2 typical sticker strips above and. Imperium Romanum (SB5) Haack for Perthes JPD, 1960s, ok, 198x170cm, all in Latin!!

Central Europe (SB467) Perthes JPD, 1zu750,000, sticker, creased, without heading, a few years ago such a wall map was simply called Germany, 195x208cm. Central Europe (SB583) Wenschow, 4. 1to1mio, sticker and wavy, 235x175cm. Central Europe from 1914 to the present day (SB89) Westermann, 2A.

Without sticker, top condition, 206x200cm. Mediterranean countries (NU84) harms, 1to2mio, probably 60s, top condition, typical film strip above, 224x152cm.

1972, main card 1 to 40,000, secondary card 1 to 10,000, Cartes Murales, 1 typical sticker strip each above and below, 109x133cm. Rome and Carthage The Roman Empire at the time of Caesar (NU67) V&K, 1967, 1.75 million and 3.285 million, in Putzger pages 23-25, sticker strips above, 167x212cm. Spain and Portugal (SL80) Perthes JPD, 1zu750,000, 1A.

1971, originally foiled, almost top, over the headline at AND very slightly cracked, 195x168cm. Economic performance and trade integration in EEC and. EFTA (SB106) Flemming, 2.5 million, very good, 2 Aufkl. 8 side cards, so 60s, 197x189cm. Geology of the Earth (NU40) Perthes JPD, 1zu16Mio, secondary map paleogeographic map of the jura , very good, 199x132cm.

Flashcard of Africa (G81) Perthes JPD, 1to6Mio, writable by film, stickable, but also wavy, 1A. South America: Economy (NF39) harms, 1 to 7.5 million, new edition of the 1960s, very broken at the top, 96x136cm. Australia and Oceania (H3) Wenschow, 1 to 6 million, 3rd edition, everything is fine except for the stickers above, 239x166cm. Rheinisch-Westfälisches Industriegebiet (SL48) Wenschow, 1 to 75,000, almost top, 2 sticker strips above and below, 244x168cm. 1zu2500, tear on the top left, for everyone, the Elm Lappwald Dorm Hasenwinkel Danndorf Heese-Berg etc. Knows Reichsautobahn Reichsstrasse, the authors did not yet know the Basic Law of the FRG. China - From Manchuria to the People's Republic (WU45) Flemming, 4x6Mio, approx.

1933, aluminum paneling, almost top, Riukiu islands still occupied by the US, 1 hole in 2nd file at Manchuria, 194x135cm. The Middle East and the Israeli-Arab conflict since 1948 (WU61) V&K, 1.850 million, 1970, secondary card 1.123 million, somewhat cracked in the heading for Israel, above 1 sticker, 196x140cm. Turkey (SB906) Alexander map from Klett, 1989, 1.3 million, RS physical, VS mute sw, aluminum paneling, 139x90cm. Türkiye (SB847) Wenschow boots, 1.5 million, secondary card 4.5 million, PVC film, no lines, broken down left, glued, ok, aluminum paneling, 140x98cm.

Russian penetration into Asia until 1914 (WU50) V&K, 1961, 1to5million, good, Putzger page 124, 193x134cm. Wall map of the Biblical countries (SB834) brockhaus Leipzig approx. Made in 1914, secondary cards etc. Cracked, small defects, wavy, main card 1to2mio, 190x147cm. Germany and neighboring countries (SB930) boots, produced after 1990, broken on the left and middle and bottom left, ok, back German.

1000-300 before the turn of the times (SB240) at Westermann before the end of the war in 1945 under the direction of Dr. Kumsteller in 1zu1Mio, side cards 3 6 and 3Mio made, without legible heading, stuck, 182x105cm.

Central Europe since World War II (HD66) V&K 1961, Putzger page 141, top left, middle and right broken, 1to875.000, 197x142cm. Reformation and Catholic Renewal (WU87) V&K 1961, Putzger page 65, 1to1mio, sticker strips above and below, 136x. Wall map of German history of the 16th century (WU44) Gaebler from Leipzig, published by Lang publishing house in Leipzig, 1zu 800,000, printed in 1901, totally cracked, but this paper on the canvas is super well fixed with glue, nothing falls apart. Photo blurred by dirty lens at bottom right, 196x191cm. Wall map on the history of the Franconian Empire (481-911) (SB824) Gaebler-Lang, 1zu1Mio, 6th edition, approx. 1 sticker Trier-Mainz, cracked, much glued, secondary card 2.5 million, photo below right blurred due to dirty lens, 203x161cm. Arbeitskarte landkreis Osnabrück (OL19) Jensen, 1 to 40,000, nature map, foiled, writable, 162x186. Relief map Ruhr Rhein (SB872) Knoll Verlag Vlotho, 1 to 100,000, photo blurred by dirty lens below right, 147x190cm. North Rhine-Westphalia (S54) Orion-Verlag, 1975, double-sided PVC, mute back, writable with wax or chalk, 188x196cm. NRW The Eifel and its northern foreland (SB843) Stockmann, 40cm out of the stick on the top right, lens was filthy when taking a picture, 140x96cm. Apennine and Balkan Peninsula (SB168) JPD, 1zu750.000, 1st edition 1971, only the 40cm over the headline defective, 269x192cm. Ancient Greece (G70) Westermann, 1975, probably 1st edition, metal rods, somewhat glued, great, 1 to 600,000, side cards 2M, 2M, 6M, 2M, 0.3M, 210x131cm.

Imperialism and its Consequences (NN203) Stockmann, history map 6, broken at the top left, approx. The Alps (WU23) Wenschow, without headline, 1 to 400,000, secondary card 1.6 million, sticker, Kulli entry in the Gulf of Genoa, ok, lens was dirty, therefore blurry, 236x144cm. The States of Europe (Sb836) Klett-Perthes 1992, 3rd edition, 1to3Mio, over the heading 40cm cracked, foiled, wavy at the top, lens from the camera was dirty, 204x185cm. Geology of Central Europe (WU67) Justus Perthes Gotha, untitled, 1zu750,000, printed before May 1945, released for sale by the GDR in 1951, the place names Eastern Territories etc.

Stickers above and near Berlin , the map was edited in 1922 and printed from the time, 196x196cm. Italia (WU85) Haack after 1953, first edition well before 1945 for the history and Latin lessons of Justus Perthes Gotha, without headline, which was there with the Perthes version where Lake Balaton is here, wrinkled on top and sticker, 1to 750,000, Side card, 140x157cm. European countries (SB923) boots, approx. 1992, 1 to 4.5 million, 155x109cm. The change in the political world view (SB896) Westermann, 3rd edition 1971, above typical sticker stripes, lens was dirty when photographed, therefore blurred, 137x205cm. Help for the World (SB884) Westermann, 1zu25Mio, 2A. 1970, metal bars, top, lens was dirty, 137x209cm.

Economy of the Earth (NT263) JPD, 1989, 1st edition, 1 to 12mio, 270x170cm, without any flaws. States of the world (red 58) Wenschow, 1to 15mio, ? Political World Map (SB103), Justus Perthes Gotha, JPG, 1zu20Mio, 210x107cm, without heading, strongly glued, wavy, yellowed. Political world map time zones of the world (DB55) Störmer, 1to18mio, rubbery, or PVC, older of 2 versions, 1 triangle, ok, 189x113cm.

Crisis rooms of our time (OB51) no further information, possibly by Lindenhof, 4 scale bars, 140x96cm. Climate of the Earth (NT163) Wenschow, 3rd edition, 4x 1zu30Mio, above 1 sticker, and wavy, ok, 248x163cm. The world in the 20th century (BU41) VK V&K, 1 to 18.3 million, 195x193cm, defective when heading, otherwise great, seams a little bit open at the top. The major military pact systems in the world (DB220) Wenschow, 1 to 27.50 million, approx.

The Earth - Tectonics (NT260) Haack for Westermann, almost top, without stickers, 241x168cm, 1to15mio, approx. The starry sky of the earth, Westermann 703. Northpolargebiet (G5) JPD, 1962, 1st edition, without heading, without sticker, slightly defective lower right, with borders, 197x214cm 704.

The British Isles (NT352) boots, 1 to 900,000, thicker paper, dusty on the bottom, 109x154cm 705. Hungarian VR, SR Romania, VR Bulgaria, SFR Yugoslavia, SVR Albania (NE19) Haack, 750T, cracked at the top, paper, metal bars, 173x152cm 706. States of Europe (SB844) Stiefel-Wenschow, ca. 1990, 5mio, crack glued on top, 140x95cm 707. Central Europe (BG149) JPG, license printed by Flemmings Hamburg, 1946, without borders, previously the same map was called Germany, sticker, 124x82cm 708.

Flemming's war wall map of the western front (NT81) Westermann, 1to 320T, damage near Antwerp, otherwise great, 186x145cm, printed after 11.11.1918. Europe: Economy (DB40) V&K, 3Mio, 1 amplifier strip each above and below. Europa boots work card (NT362) boots, 5 million, a little dirty, dusted, paper, 137x95cm. Europe after the Second World War (NT151) V&K, half heading, little sticker, 187x140cm.

Europe 1949 to 1961 (DB153) haack, 3mio, 1983m lower rod bent, metal bars, 213x179cm. Europe - Agriculture / Sea fishing (NT332) Westermann, 6million approx. 1978, secondary card 1 million, slightly water-stained at the top, top, 135x98. The Hanseatic League (BG224) Lippa, cracked, ok, 118x80cm. The Roman Empire since Caesar and Augustus - Conquest of Gaul by Caesar (58-51 BC) (NT102) without heading, sticker above, 194x138cm.

Columbus school wall map Europe (NT232) Columbus, 4 million, approx. Uelzen (NT345) Jensen, probably 50s, 1to8T, sticker "61", 150x137. Southwest Germany (30H) List, 1zu150T, amplifier stiffeners, approx.

School wall map on the history of the Prussian state part 2 Prussia since 1807 (NT311) Gaebler Lang, 9th edition, approx. Schleswig-Holstein home map (NT58) Jensen, approx. 50s-60s, sticker, wavy, ok, 1to 100T, 197x182cm. Schleswig-Holstein (NT96) Wenschow, 1zu100T, sticker above, wavy, 214x183cm. Saarland-Lorraine-Luxemburg-Trier / Westpfalz (BG263) IGN, 1zu250T, 1998, defective, 110x152cm, small metal bars, stick on yourself. Region of Cologne (BG131) Ponten, Aachen, 1zu75T, with AB, NK 500T, 141x146cm, ok 724. Cologne lowlands bay and the Niederheinggebiet (BG218) Stockmann, 1zu200T, somewhat moldy, very good, 140x96cm 725. Münsterland lowlands bay (257 green) Stockmann, map part 1 to 200T, NRW part 2, water stained, 140x95cm 726. Rheinsch-Westfälische Industriegebiet (252 green) Stockmann, map part 1to 200T, NRW part 1, ok, 140x95cm 727. (NT350) Knoll, 1zu275T, real relief map, rubber, soft PVC?

The detailed photo is not of the NT350, 163x153cm 728. Northwest Germany (DB34) Wenschow, 250T, sticker and a little cracked, 225x225cm 729. North Rhine-Westphalia (BG187) Wenschow, 1949, without heading, approx. 11-12 changes at the western border noted, paper damage, ok, 147x165cm 730.

North Rhine-Westphalia (SB922) Knoll, relief map, 150T, 184x164cm 731. Learning card from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg (NT283) JPD, 1964, 1st edition, foiled, thus writable, 134x166cm 732. Map of the city of Oldenburg, the LK Oldenburg and the LK Delmenhorst (BG133) Völker, 1zu40T. 1 sticker, top left approx.

25cm out, 159x120cm, 50s-60s 734. Hamburg and surrounding area (NT181) Westermann, approx. From 1938, since Altona is incorporated and Reichsautobahnen RAB are noted, without heading, sticker, 1zu50T, 225x165cm 736. (NT178) from the city administration, 1zu10,000, 220x200cm, i. 22x20km, plus secondary map Blankensee, some stickers 737. Niederelbe area (NT72) Jensen, 1zu60T, 50s-60s, sticker and heading defective, 235x148cm 738. Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and surrounding area (NT10) Westermann, 3rd edition, possibly 1963, sticker, 1 to 50,000, 223x168cm 739. Stadtkreis Hagen (SB889) Flemmings, 1zu25T, pink chalk circle in the middle, sticker above, lens was dirty when taking pictures, therefore blurry, 163x117cm 740. The German Order of Knights (ME100) Lippa, top, 119x80cm 742. Damage above, 141x107cm, 176cm overall 743.

Bergheim Cologne Leverkusen Niederrheinische Bucht Mitte-Ost (BG59) Kollbach, 1zu25T, top, musty, lower stick somewhat glued, 236x210cm 744. Altenkirchen district Altenkirchen Süderbergland (BG43) Kollbach, 1zu25T, top, top left 1 hole at the 3 coat of arms, 240x208cm 745. German history in the 14th and 15.

Century (DB139) Haack, top, paper, metal bars, 1zu750T, 1988, 221x179cm 746. Wall map on German history of the 19th century in two parts, part 2 Germany and Northern Italy since 1815 (DB46) Gaebler Lang, 800T, NK 2.5mio, sticker, approx. 1900, no longer cracked, 200x196cm 747.

Divided Germany (HD144) IRO, 1.1 million, top left and right defective, otherwise ok, 119x85cm 748. The division of Germany (BG151) Störmer, rubber and linen, red chalk entries can be wiped, approx. 1965, with Sielow and the short story, 158x154cm 749. The Romans in Germany (BG166) V&K, some paper loosened at the top, ok, 1zu550T, 1961, 136x187cm 750.

The Germanic tribes from 100 BC to AD 200 (NT229) Westermann, Dr. Kumsteller, 1,3Mio, NK5Mio, a little cracked above, otherwise top, 2nd edition, designed and printed before 1945, 119x88cm 751. (NT397) N / A for DETMERS, motorist Speditons card, 98x137cm 752. Germany after the 30 Years' War (NT384) The New Schulmann, probably 1 to 1.85 million so around 1 to 2 million, linen, top, 90x59cm 753. Germany in 1789 (BG169) List, 1mio, 1952, repaired, ok, entries of battles, 161x132cm 754.

Germany in the 17th century (NT187) Flemmings, 800T, sticker above, ok, 194x161cm 755. Germany Europe (SB829) Westermann, 1961, washable outline map, 1Mio, 5Mio, top right defective, 15cm out, because glued, stored too warm, 130x106cm 756. Germany (BG196) Störmer, 715T, back mute, ie without details like on the front, hole near Frankfurt / Oder, crack in Alsace, 154x161cm 757.

Federal Republic of Germany and GDR (NT228) Lindenhof, 1zu450T, top left and right somewhat out, rubbery material, 154x185cm 758. Federal Republic of Germany - physical (DB243) Westermann, paper, damaged above and below, 1991, 1zu750T, 100x140cm 759. Australia Vegetation Wildlife (NT329) IRO, with legend with 127 points for Allen animals and plants mentioned, paper, 122x84cm 760.

Vorderer Orient (DB79) List, 1.5mio, 2nd edition, Aufkl. Ok, without limits, at the heading a crack 25cm,, 217x172cm 761.

North Asia (USSR) - Economy (BR8) Westermann, 6 million, ca. South America: Economy (NT210) V&K, 5Mio, 1 sticker strip above, 160x208cm 763.

The states of South America (NT389) JPD, 10mio, 1st edition 1964, somewhat stained, slightly defective in the upper right corner, smells, 94x117cm 764. Africa: economy (OL133) V&K, 5Mio, cracked above, after 1961, 161x211cm 765. School wall map of the German colonies (WI1) Gaebler Lang Leipzig, 11. A, 14 cards, measures 1 to 3 million, with new cameroon, i. From 1911, cracks, stains, stickers, steamer lines etc.

Above, 2 self-adhesive tears off the coast, 1to230T, 195x127cm 767. Africa (WN57) F&B Vienna, 1 to 6 million, approx. Otherwise good, very detailed, 163x183cm 768. Africa (AB30) VEB teaching aid Leipzig, 1977, 1 hole north.

Caspian Sea, slate sheet for writing on with chalk and wipe with a damp cloth, 131x144cm 769. Africa wildlife (LA13) JRO, approx.

9.5 million, 88x118cm, with legend 770. Africa vegetation (TR500) JRO, approx. 9.5 million, 88x118, with legend 60x, top 771.

Africa, Industry (AB78) Haack, 1973, 1to 6mio, stick sticker: mining and industry, good, edge bumped above, 160x180cm. The Final Coverage of America and its Consequences (LA127) Stockmann, 25cm out at the bottom left, 139x96cm. The States of North America (S182) JPD, 1zu 10Mio, 1965, 1st edition, good, 98x120cm.

The United States (LA73) JPD, 3.5 million, 1965, 1st edition, 1 sticker strip above and below, top, with national parks, 138x96cm. North and Central America Land Use Farm Animals (TR569) JRO, approx. North and Central America Vegetation Wildlife (LA12) JRO, approx. North America (WM14) F&B, Vienna, 6mio, 1962, slightly cracked at the top of the heading, stain off California, very detailed, 160x188cm.

South America wildlife (NE46) JRO, approx. 6.5 million, top, 87x117cm. South America vegetation (TR499) JRO, ca. 6.5mio, top, cord off, 87x117cm.

USA vegetation and land use Backside USA mining and industry (TR193) Cataldi / Zierer Munich, offshoot of Wenschow, 1 in 3mio, 157x107cm. Asia (WM4) F&B Vienna, 6Mio, 208x190cm, West and East Pakistan, so possibly 1950s card, edges cracked, somewhat creased, very detailed. Asia (TR352) Hölzel, Vienna, 10 million, approved from 1950, 123x108cm, a little cracked, below 6cm out.

Asia people pets useful plants (WN68) Westermann, 135x154cm, top left and right slightly broken. Asia wildlife (TR483) JRO, approx. Asia vegetation (TR411) JRO, approx. Soviet Union (Z44) Haack, Gotha, 1zu 4Mio, 1981, wood logs raw wood, paper, glued in Arctic, a little knittri left and right, ok, 228x162cm.

Soviet Union Russian (AB63) Haack, Gotha, 4Mio, 1971, cracked, North Sea stained, tin bars and linen, 234x160cm. Soviet Union and bordering states (TR167) boots, 6 million, before 1990, RS mute, made of reinforced paper, 158x107cm. Australia (TR357) Hölzel, Vienna, 1to10mio, approved and printed after 1950, 1 Aufkl.

Strip above, very good, 119x78cm. Australia and Southeast Asia (ME88) F&B, Vienna, 1966, 10 million, 1 hole in the Tasman Sea, otherwise great, 123x84cm. Work card Germany (SB934) Spectra, Dorsten, 1 to 620T, 1990, rubber, for chalk etc. Effects of the Second World War in Central Europe (F14) G&W, Wenschow, Munich, 1.1 million, reverse mute, cardboard-like.

Federal Republic of Germany - political (LA111) Westermann, 800T, 1990, 1 hole each in Hesse, Brandenburg and Bavaria, wood, paper, 100x138cm. Federal Republic of Germany / GDR space map (NT292) Westermann, 1981, top and bottom each an amplifier strip, top, 136x188cm.

The divided Germany (LA174) Lindenhof, 1.2 million, single card no. 7, 131x112cm, PVC film, RS white. Germany (TR59) JRO, 1 to 600,000, the entire German-speaking area finely represented on a large detailed map, 1 amplifier, 2 stickers near Rügen, a side map Memelgebiet, 242x168cm. Germany (OL174) Keysers, 1.25mio, 1958, spotted, 113x80cm. Germany (U106) Haack, Gotha, 1968, 1 to 750,000, typical GDR school card, 220x178cm. Germany administrative division (TR152) List, 1 to 900,000, 5th edition, lower rod open, right 5cm broken, 1x paper below broken, otherwise very good, no lines, PVC?? School wall map of Germany, Switzerland and Austria (WN17) Gaebler, Lang, Leipzig, 1zu800T, after World War I, 23rd edition, small edition, worn, cracked, paper error, 150x167cm. Wall map on German history from 1273 to 1500 (1519) (SB229) Gaebler, Lang, Leipzig, 1to 800T, 2nd edition approx. 1900, plenty of stickers below 30cm out, secondary map London with Hansekontor Stahlhof 1zu1000, Bergen 20T and Hanse and Teutonic Knights 1.6 million, empire medieval division 2.0 million, 191x217cm.

On German history 1648 to 1789 (NN140) Haack, Gotha, 1975, 1 to 750,000, among other things tear at lower left, tin bars and paper, approx. On German history 1815 to 1871 (AB43) Haack, Gotha, 1979, 1 to 750,000, corners bumped, good, tin bars and paper, 222x181cm. German history in the 10th u. 11th century (AB55) Haack, Gotha, 1969, 1to 1mio, tin bars and linen, above wavy and. Berlin - Germany's capital - outpost of the free world (TR361) in the middle and slightly defective on the right, city history up to around 1960, 118x82cm.

Burgenland (WN22) F&B, Vienna, 1zu100T, 1968, 4 small stickers, 108x155cm. The Rhine and its landscapes (TR376) Stockmann, 1 million, somewhat moldy, 100x66cm. Carinthia (WN27) Leon, Klagenfurt, 1zu100T, approx. Learning map of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland (BU100) JPD, 1964, 1st edition, sticker above, 138x187cm. Central European Waterways (TR278) Rhein-Verlag, 1959/60, approx. 1to1mio, pictures, detailed photos of TR348, top middle and top def. Right and left adhesive strips, 115x80cm. Lower Austria (WN60) F&B, Vienna, 150T, 1967, a little cracked, still ok, without sticker, 164x147cm. Upper Austria (WN36) F&B, Vienna, 100T, 1963, without heading, sticker, 187x149cm.

East German lowlands (S272) Stockmann, 1mio, pictures, 99x66cm. Salzburg (WN44) QHL Quirin Haslinger Linz, 100T, 1975, top, also cracked left and right, ok, 201x159cm. Styria (WN61) F&B, Vienna, 150T, 1968, Aufkl.

South of the Main (TR228) Stockmann, 1mio, pictures, well preserved, 99x67cm. Tirol and Vorarlberg (WN32) F&B, Vienna, was once a dream piece, cream piece, 150T, probably without highways, 1958, sticker, patina, 203x181cm. Vienna (WM11) F&B, Vienna, 1 to 12,500, Aufkl.

Blue tram and bus lines, 240x154cm. Economic area south-west Germany (LA149) Jensen, 150T, 50s, Aufkl.

Antiquity Greek World (SB26) untitled, probably Gaebler Lang Leipzig, Greek World, 431-404 BC, main card 1 to 750,000, restored, glued, foiled in front, 6 cards, also 2.5 million, new rods, 220x147cm. The Alps (LA169) List, Wenschow, 1 to 400,000, 5th edition, sticker, small paper errors near Basel and Zurich, secondary map 1.6 million, 242x166cm. The Spread of Christianity (WU54) Flemmings, Hamburg, wavy, above 1 sticker strips, 204x160cm. The European Union at a glance (LA183) boots, 1999, 157x109cm.

The French Revolution shook Europe (LA192) Lindenhof, without scale, PVC film, stable material, whether that would be a good tablecloth? Europe (WM10) F&B, Vienna, sticker, without headline, Eastern territories even before kneeling / Eastern contracts no longer drawn in red here in Vienna, 3Mio, 1970, 188x166cm.

Europe (WN138) G&W, Munich, 1: 4.5 million, after 1992, ok, 138x96cm. Europe (SB862) Velcro, Alexander card, here aluminum and wooden stick below, not original, but original, top right crack and sticker, left also, back silent card, 5.1 million, 1989, lens was dirty, so blurry, 137x90cm. Europa (AB102) Mairs, Stuttgart, untitled, scrap above, possibly shorten, 104x144cm.

Europe in the 6th century (BG68) Haack, Gotha, 1957, 5 paper damages, ok, browned, 1 Aufkl. Europe and the Middle East (TR88) boots, after 2008, 4.1 million, 190x132cm. Italy (TR337) Stockmann, pictures, loose edge, just cut off strips, 98x66cm, for your Italian restaurant. Italy and Southeast Europe (ME36) Wenschow, List, 1to 1mio, 3rd edition, creased, ok, 221x171cm. London (AB4) Haack, Gotha, 1zu10,000, 1983, somewhat faulty, tin sticks, paper, 156x110cm.

London (SL148) Westermann, 1zu40.000, 1973, 5th edition, foiled, these split apart otherwise top, details in German, 109x133cm, detailed map of WM3 (specimen copy). Central Europe (NF30) F&B, Vienna, 1.5 million, 1963, the sticker across the top is yellowed, otherwise great, very detailed, 161x208cm. Mediterranean countries (TR153) boots, 3mio, before 1990, kind of waxed cardboard, back silent card, 158x107cm. Austrian Europe vegetation land use (LA7) JRO, approx. School wall map of Europe (WN83) Gaebler, Lang, Leipzig, printed before World War I, typically adapted for teaching after the war, cracked, ok, 3.2 million, 191x180cm.

European countries (TR371) boots, 7.5 million, after 1992, defective, 97x63cm. European countries (TR221) boots, 8.0 million, approx. 1992, not foiled, cracked on the right, 92x63cm.

Wall map of France (WM9) F&B, Vienna, 1zu800.000, 1961, cracked, some paper defects, 136x170cm. Population and Economy of developing countries (SL49) Flemmings, Hamburg, 17Mio, approx.

1960s, top, 1 amplifier strip each above and below, 197x127cm. Imperialismuns of the Great Powers (LA173) Lindenhof, the traced red color will hardly go off completely, but maybe an alternative play tablecloth, risk..

The Earth (WN34) F&B, Vienna, 1980, 1 to 22 million, small mistakes in Europe, North America and Iran, 205x147cm. The Earth (DB99) List, 1zu15Mio, 2nd edition, sticker, wavy, OK, 247x144cm. The World Landscape Map (TR68) JPD, 12Mio, 1982, 1st Edition, 1 amplifier strips each at the top and bottom, top, decorative, 269x168cm, the question is really only whether you yourself have the right space for such a decoration. The map shows the work of man and the treasures and assets of the earth (TR268) Müller and Kiepenheuer, US license 1947, scale distorting from 1 to 14 million to 31 million, very wavy, etc. Grouping of the powers from 1945 (WU84) Stockmann, without scale, 139x95cm. In a divided world (LA139) Lindenhof, washable film, hence the proposal tablecloth, 131x114cm. The Tenses (TR210) boots, 2 plans on it, London, world 1 to 74.3 million, some light strokes on the vocabulary, 109x154cm. World traffic map (WM15) F&B, Vienna, 25 million, secondary maps 20 million, 4x 1 million, 75 million, cracked at the top, water stained, 202x159cm.

Economy of the Earth (EM11) Wenschow, 1 to 15 million, glued, creased, ok, 248x154cm. Age of Discoveries (WM551) Gaebler-Lang Leipzig, 1to20mio, without heading, since min. 1913 in the program, Aufkl. Further standards of the secondary cards, 10M, 600T, 6M, 6M, 208x140cm.

Weltwirtschaft (BG24) List, 1zu18Mio, 2. A 1968, the upper stick is detached, is included, please re-dab, this is the small edition, was still available in 1zu15Mio, 197x126cm. World map (WM327) publisher Hans Witte, Freiburg, printing art print Karlsruhe, without heading, foiled sticker, browned, German Empire without borders, creased, cracked, etc. Possibly printed shortly after 1945, Gotenburg instead of Gothenburg. Earth, air pressure and winds January July (CH356) Haack, 20mio, 1967, metal bars, linen, cracked at the top, 182x219cm. Polar regions (WM104) Stockmann, 1to30Mio, defects, 100x66cm. Western Europe (WM24) F&B Vienna, 1.5M, 1958, without headline, sticker, very detailed, 157x193cm. Westermann's World War I card (NK13) Westermann, before 1939, 3rd edition, 2.5 million the main card, secondary cards 750T, 40M, 500T, 2x250T, minor tears and dots, very good, 238x181cm. School wall map of Europe (WM332) Gaebler-Lang Leipzig, large edition, physical, 3.2 million, after 1919, without title, cracked, trimmed at the top, retouched, Vogesen-Wagenwald, Ostgr. Slipped, old border thin, new thick RED, 182x160cm. Northern Europe (WN23) F&B Vienna, approx.

1954, 1.5 million, very detailed, somewhat blurred due to foiling red tones, somewhat cracked before foiling, now stable, 103x145cm. Central Europe (WM345) Knoll Vlotho, rubber relief map with profile!

Without headline, top, 1to1mio, 137x174cm. Meteological (weather) map (WM322) Chun, before 1918, broken top left, water stains, 156x164cm. Europe - mineral resources (NT333) Westermann, 1zu6M, approx. 1978, secondary card 1to1M, slightly water-stained on top, top, 135x98cm.

Europe (CH4) Klett-Perthes, Gotha, 2003, 1zu3Mio, 209x188cm. The Roman Empire (264 BC-117 AD): From the city-state to the world empire (CH197) JPD, 1.5 million, 1993, 2nd edition, tread marks above, 233x175cm. Classic Greece (OB15) Westermann, without scale, 1963, sticker in the middle, legend up to 43, secondary card 10T + Acropolis, 195x121cm. Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein (OL59) JPD Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1zu300T, 1959, 1st edition, and probably some, top, easier damage when heading to Denmark, 235x268cm, you need space for that!!

British Isles (WM571) JPD, 1zu750T, 2A. 1978, top, cracked except for heading, without any foil, 170x200cm.

Southern Germany (CH112) Velcro, 375T, 1979, aluminum paneling, Alexander map, above u. Below amplifier, foiled, with Kohlfurt, 192x152cm.

City map of Berlin (CH239) Schaffmann, 1zu20T, sticker, good, 233x154cm. Rhein-Main-Neckar (WM370) Flemmings, 1zu50T, top, 1 sticker strip each above and below as an amplifier, 163x205cm. Region of Stade (WM49) Flemmings, 1zu75T, secondary card 750T, 1 paper error, wavy, 152x178cm.

Administrative district of Detmold (WM484) Stockmann, 1zu60T, somewhat foxed on the upper left, otherwise very good, 203x214cm. Province map of Hessen-Nassau (WM380) Braun , Eschwege, lithography and. Printing Kahle, Eisenach, 1zu100T, secondary card circle Rinteln, 2 height profiles below, below left and right a little out, 242x211cm.

Lower Saxony Land between Harz and Leine (NT351) Stockmann, 1zu285T, sticker.. Circle Osterholz (WM359) Jensen, 1zu25T, cracked, smells, 171x125cm. Circle Höxter Orion Map (Wm474) Orion, 1zu30T, made of foil, a bit dirty, wash carefully, 172x182cm. Map of Berlin administrative district Spandau (CH343) 1963, 1zu10T, office for surveying, 30cm out on the top left, water stained on the top right, all streets numbered, 127x187cm. Hamburg - Gateway to the World (WM257) Stockmann, measured paper errors lower left, ok, 139x96cm.

The soil forms of the Alster area (Wm573) Flemmnigs, 1zu25T, 5-100m in 5m steps, 184x146cm. The Harz (CH106) Störmer, 1zu50T, 1954, sticker, below stains, south. Bad Sachse Rutuschen, probably original, 193x147cm.

Bremen basin landscape forms (BR40) Weber, Bremen, 1966, 1zu25T, 40cm above right, 1x repair above, 220x178cm. District Reinickendorf (CH302) Tiarks Nikobusdorf, silently foiled, top, entry can be removed almost residue-free, top left wrinkled, 196x220cm. On German history (CH240) Haack, 1zu750T, 1982, paper and metal bars, edges bumped, good, 221x179cm. Flashcard of Germany, Federal Republic and GDR (NT293) JPD, 1. 1987, 1zu600T, painted on the back, you can see through something, foiled, 137x187cm.

Germany - Mining and Industry Vegetation and Land Use (WM244) Cataldi-Wenschow, 1zu600T, approx. Backside mining and industry, amplifier top left, 108x152cm. Germany - industrialization in the 19th century (WM539) Westermann, 1zu500T, 1992, top condition, 242x193cm. German Empire (WM379) Columbus, 1zu800T, between 1st and 2. World War I produced, paper damage, among other things Italian.

Adria, partially repaired, repainted, no border retouching, 192x175cm. The German Empire in the Age of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (CH43) Westermann, 1zu1Mio, secondary card 2.5Mio,, Aukl.

Columbus school wall map of Germany (CH268) Columbus, 1zu800T, produced after 45, smaller than type Nr894, sticker, cracked, without Oder-Neisse line, 196x127cm. Federal Republic of Germany / GDR (BG197) Westermann, 1zu800T, defective, PVC film rotten, 2 rods, 107x1 ++ cm. Natural resources of Central Europe (CH65) Justus Perthes Gotha, 1zu750T, from approx. 1944 produced, both side cards in 1to200T, without headline, the older 2-diagram version, sticker, 194x186cm. Land use in Central Europe (SB478) Justus perthes Gotha, 1zu600T, from approx.

Produced in 1944, this copy before 1938, without headline, 1 sticker above, top, also railway network, 223x196cm. Oceania (CH229) Haack Gotha, GDR, 1 to 6 million, 1986, both metal rods bent, warped by it, water stained, fabric instead of linen, 236x167cm. Australia 19 earth parts oddities (WM218) Stockmann, 1to15mio, scribbled, slightly cracked, 1 water stain, 100x66cm.

On the biblical story (WM430) Störmer, rubber card, 1.3 million, 2x230T, RS 1.5M, 300T, 1.3M, excerpt from Egypt King Solomon, Aufkl. West Asia (CH289) List, 2.5 million, without heading, sticker, 222x146cm. Türkiye Iller haritasi (CH381) Wenschow, 1.5 million, aluminum paneling, print on film, repaired below, 140x96cm. Russia Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (WM179) Stockmann, Europe series, cracked, creased, crepe edge loose, 99x66cm.

Bottom amplifier strips, almost top, 138x188cm. Countries (WM259) L&B, 2.5 million, between 1. WK, side cards 7.5M, 20T, 60T, Aufkl. United States of America (CH1) Flemmings, 3m, Aufkl. United States and Central America (EM42) List, 3mio, 1st edition, some stickers, slightly broken at the top, 238x166cm.

South America (LA151) Hölzel, Austria, Vienna? 1to10mio, from 1950, water stains, ok, error at Magellan-Str.

South America (WM33) F&B, Vienna, 1to6mio, 1967, sticker, without headline, 158x167cm, more detailed than many other publishers. North America (WN78) Hölzel, Vienna, 1 to 10 million, from 1950, water stains left, bottom right 18cm out, 82x111cm. Central America Mexico - Landbrücke (WM157) Stockmann, series 3 nr. 5, water stained, 1 hole in the heading, good, 99x66cm. Discovery and development of the "new world" (WM231) Stockmann, No.

1, cracked, still ok, 97x66cm. Africa - physical (CH314) Westermann, 1991, 6mio, creased at the top, 1 crack at paris, stained, 12 amplifier strips at the top and bottom, 136x187cm. South America JPD 6Mio 1976 1A 160x200H 37. Europa Westermann 3Mio 1953 204x157H 53. Europe economy Westermann 3Mio 1978 196x183H 55.

Eastern Europe JPD 2Mio 1971 4A 200x210H 82. Africa, Westermann, 8A 1965, top, 162x175 316. The English Vowels, Turm-Verlag, 119x79cm 330. Lively citizenship T7, Hagemann, 117x82cm 331. Lively Citizenship T9, Hagemann, 116x82cm 332.

Natural atom decay, Velcro, 1955, 84x115cm 334. This is how paper is made, 118x80cm 337.

Our weather, Westermann, 1971, 211x172cm 439. Hamburg (M14) inner city 129x156cm 569. Balearic Islands and Canary Islands excluded. The item "Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage" is in sale since Friday, July 9, 2021.

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Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage    Schulwandkarte Beautiful Old World Map Wall Card 195x121cm Orbit Vintage